This week I'm introducing you to two ladies of your better half, who you must channel if you want to lose weight in a way that feels good. Hint: One is pleasure filled the other is fun filled.

Two ladies of your better half (that you must channel to lose weight)

This week I'm introducing you to two ladies of your better half, who you must channel if you want to lose weight in a way that feels good. Hint: One is pleasure filled the other is fun filled.

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So if you’ve been following my work for a while now you know all about “Helga” (your self sabotaging voice), and if you’re new here to the Wildly Alive Sisterhood (so excited to have you) check out this video where I  go much more in depth into Helga and how she’s holding you back!

But this week, I’d now like to introduce you to two ladies of your better half.

You’re gonna love these ladies.

First, is your Graceful Hustler. Let me tell you a little bit about her.

She stands in her power without pushing others down, and does a great job of leveling out the playing field. She’s someone who, when she speaks, is really heard. People want to hear what she has to say, because she commands that level of respect with her energy.

She’s powerful, but never acts better than. She holds space for others and is very welcoming. She believes she has all the time in the world and never feels overwhelmed, which makes her highly productive.

She typically has a lot to do and is very busy, but she really trusts that everything that is meant to get done will get done. She sets realistic goals for herself and she enjoys the journey of attaining them. It’s not JUST about reaching the goals for her; it’s about the amazing lessons she learns throughout the entire process.

She trusts that she’s exactly where she’s meant to be on her path, and not racing to get ahead all the time.

She loves how strong her body is, and embraces her imperfections. She respects and accepts her body in this moment… And because of that, she moves it regularly (in any way that are enjoyable to her) and nourishes it with healthy, energy filled foods.

She fearlessly listens to her gut and takes big risks that feel right. Even when the gut feeling seems a little scary or illogical, she trusts it, because she believes her intuition is always right.

She takes time to feel and look her best, because she knows that taking those few extra minutes to put on her make up, fix her hair, or find a cute outfit is worth it.

She knows that when she feels like a million bucks, she’s unstoppable in life.

She is herself 100% of the time and she speaks her truth. She doesn’t worry about disagreeing with others or ruffling some feathers. She stands in her truth and is okay with agreeing to disagree. Her personal life (which is full of fun and adventure) is non-negotiable. She loves connecting, laughing, and playing with others.

So that’s your Graceful Hustler. Isn’t she awesome? I’ve named her Natasha, but you can name your Graceful Hustler whatever you’d like.

Who’s someone in your life (personally or not) who stands firmly in this type of energy?

Your grandmother? Your best friend? A character in a movie? Think about that a bit, then name her.

You channel your Graceful Hustler a lot at work to ensure you stay calm, focused, and productive. You channel her while doing high intensity workouts, when you’re getting ready in the morning, and while trying to complete a big project at home.

She’s also someone you channel when you need to have those tough or difficult conversations with a friend, boss, or loved one. She can help you create boundaries, even after they have been overstepped for years. Like, with your husband for saying something hurtful the other night, or with your boss about asking for the raise you’ve deserved for years, or with a friend who’s been sucking the life out of you.

Okay here’s the other woman of your better half, and honestly someone I have to work very hard on channeling because she doesn’t come naturally for me.

Your Lady of Leisure.

Ohhhh sounds yummy, right? She is!

Your Lady of Leisure is elegant, graceful, and fashionable. She French kisses life and lives life for pleasure (which is THE most effective weight loss ingredient… and it’s often overlooked). She likes to paint her nails, dress up, and be a girl.

She likes to garden, relax, and read books that get her lost in the story. She enjoys luxurious baths; bubbles, music, aromatherapy, the works. She gets weekly massages without an ounce of guilt because she knows she deserves it. She loves to meditate and reconnect to her bigger vision in life.

She is the ultimate food lover and she loves being in the moment with food. She takes the time to enjoy, savor, and really *taste* her food. She sets her fork down, breathes, notices her scenery and takes in every aspect of the experience. She feels nourishment from it all – the food, the people, the environment.

She is an elegant, sexy woman. She loves to show off all of her feminine curves and enjoys giving her man a show that leaves him always wanting more. She’s very confident in her body and embraces it.

She too enjoys moving her body, but in very relaxing ways, like nature walks while taking in all the beauty that surrounds her, or slower paced types of movements like Yoga and Pilates that really enable her settle into her body.

She drinks wine with her fabulous friends over great conversation regularly. She treats herself to shopping sprees and expensive dinners because she deserves it.

Ahhhhh… Did you relax a bit just learning about her?

I’ve named my Lady of Leisure Naomi, but again, choose a name that will really embrace this relaxed, centered energy.

You channel your Lady of Leisure after a long day at work, on the weekends, and when you’ve been on the go for entirely too long.

The key is to try to channel her BEFORE you collapse. HAHA!

She’s not someone you ONLY channel on vacations (though she is great there too) she’s someone you should channel on a daily basis… And honestly from a weight loss perspective, slowing down and channeling her is one of the best ways to release excess fat. No joke!

I know we’ve been conditioned to believe that we need to PUSH HARDER and basically kill yourself to lose weight, but truth is, for most of us go-getters it’s the opposite.

Relaxation and pleasure is actually the key to our weight loss.

Channeling your Lady of Leisure hasn’t been an easy thing for me to do. With Perfectionist, and Overachievement Junkie Helga yapping their loud mouths in my ear the majority of my life, I really had to work hard to pull her out.

I set goals to read more (cheers, you’re channeling her right now), I set up weekly massages (canceling and guilt weren’t allowed), and educated myself on fashion and how to look more like a girl (thank you Pinterest).

I even hired a sexual confidence coach! For real. I was stuck in that “masculine energy” and unable to really relax and *receive*, and it was affecting my relationship, big time. Hiring her was one of the best investments I’ve ever made and such a great experience…and lets just say things are much better in the bedroom because of this deeper connection with my body.

Take Inspired Action

Whip out a pen and paper and write down all the traits of a Lady of Leisure and Graceful Hustler and make it a goal to channel both of them every day (take a pic and hashtag it #LadyofLesiure or #GracefulHuster like I do to inspire your friends to join you).


P.S. Don’t you just love these two ladies? I do! Now, I want to hear from you — which lady of your better half will you commit to channeling this week (Graceful Hustler or Lady of Leisure) and how. Tell me in the comments below.

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  • Ginger

    Reply Reply February 23, 2016

    I have already copied the pieces in my journal. I have easy access there.

  • Linda Deise

    Reply Reply February 17, 2016

    I’m going to be channeling my Graceful Hustler at work starting today I will be starting my training for my new position. I’ve also got my sticky notes made for my desk (I’m back) (the counting 10-10).
    On the weekend, Lady of Leisure, going to get my hair done and a manicure

    • Nichole Kellerman Wurth

      Reply Reply February 23, 2016

      Great work Linda — it’s been about a week how has your Graceful Hustler been treating you?

      • Linda Deise

        February 23, 2016

        Well the first day went well with her. Thank goodness for my sticky notes, Helga has been giving me grief. But yesterday I basically said “screw this” and counted to 10 which was easy way more than 10 things on my desk. So yesterday went well too after that and this morning I didn’t rush out of bed, I stretched, relaxed, said a prayer, drank some lemon water and did a cardio work out. I feel great now!!!

      • Nichole Kellerman Wurth

        February 23, 2016

        Baby steps Linda — you’re doing great! Just keep Helga at bay (the best you can) and keep rocking out sister 🙂

  • Justine

    Reply Reply February 16, 2016


    • Nichole Kellerman Wurth

      Reply Reply February 23, 2016

      Um. That sounds AMAZING Justine <3

  • Ginger

    Reply Reply February 16, 2016

    I will be channeling my graceful hustler, whom i have named chloe. I love her already and am excited to get to know her. Thanks, nichole!

    • Nichole Kellerman Wurth

      Reply Reply February 23, 2016

      Ginger! How’s getting to know Chloe? Maybe writing down or printing this post and hanging up the Graceful Hustler piece, and hanging up will help you channel her more often 🙂

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