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These Women Felt Tense Around Food & Now Feel Free and Calm Around it.


Merrilee ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"I joined Wildly Alive Weight Loss to address the emotional connection I had with food. I used food to discipline myself and reward myself. But now that has totally shifted." ... meet Merrilee

Katie Roaper

Katie ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"It's been more than seven years since I first started working with Nichole and I have been able to manage my weight I lost with her with the tools and inspiration that she supplied me. She has truly changed my life!" ... Read Katie's story

Christina ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"Now after completing the WAWL program I love my body! It's not the size I thought it "should" be or wanted it to be in the past but that doesn't matter to me any more. I'm healthy, I'm happy and I'm living my life again! I learned how to love myself." Read Christina's story

Diana Cachey

Diana ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"Before working with Nichole I was more than forty pounds overweight and had every imaginable food craving. Sweets were my weakness... After completing her program I saw a difference in my sleep, mood, muscular tone AND I ran my first half marathon." Read Diana's story



Ellen ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"My physical experience was very unstable, a lot of mood swings, cravings – I mean sugar and caffeine addiction, 100% not even a question mark. Taking a lot of naps. I felt overweight in a way that felt very stuck, in a very finite way...Like eating a healthy meal was a special occasion." ... meet Ellen

Janette ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"All I would think about is that next meal and how many points or how many more calories I could have that day. With this program, my focus is on loving myself, giving myself good, healthy food and enjoying it." Read Janette's story


Gillian ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"I have never done an online program before and I really didn’t understand how that would work. Also, I didn’t really feel like I would be able to stick with it because it wasn't in person, but it worked pretty well actually!" ... meet Gillian


Esther ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"If you’re ready to make a shift in the way you feel about yourself, food, your body, or if you just want to learn to live wildly alive, this program will change your life. Listen to your body—if it’s telling you to sign up, listen!" Read Esther's story


Sonya ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"My relationship with food was something I felt like I had to control -- I strictly counted my calories, I always made sure I was exercising off the calories I 'needed' to... And if I didn't, I was angry." ... meet Sonya

Mary ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"Every woman deserves this life-changing & comprehensive program because everyone deserves to be happy & healthy!" Read Mary's story


Tanuja ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"I immediately felt motivated just from the check-ins alone. Motivated to go back to my good clean way of eating. And because I was eating better, I wanted to be more active and exercise." ... meet Tanuja

Jen ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"Without realizing what was happening, I began to find myself craving vegetables, sleeping eight hours a night, feeling antsy if I missed a workout—I had changed!"Read Jen's story

Allison ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"I came to the WAWL program having already lost 140lbs but I became obsessed with working out and food. I was so scared I was going to gain the weight back."Read Allison's story

Liz ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"I feel confident and strong. I’ve learned that I don’t need to take on labels other people try to place on me. I know that a limiting belief can be flipped into a belief that serves me. My body is not the enemy, it’s actually my biggest supporter." Read Liz's story

These Women Always Gave to Others & Now Feel Proud Because They Give Themselves As Well.


Kadi ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"It feels so amazing to BELIEVE in myself and know that I can do anything I put my heart into." ... meet Kadi

Holly Gaskins

Holly ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

I was a fast food junkie; I never cooked at home. Nichole gave me the tools to take care of myself. I have lost inches, am more toned and am so happy with my results! I am a size smaller than I was in high school. I’m 38 and feelin’ great!” Read Holly's story

Leona ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"In the past I would constantly beat myself up for not being 'perfect' when trying to lose weight... but not anymore. I feel good whenever I make a good choice and I even feel good if I make a bad choice. I don't let the slip-ups stop me anymore." ... meet Leona


Lauren ‹‹ Wildly Alive Intuitive

"I'm so happy I took the leap of faith and signed up for the program. It was worth every penny. Nichole has a heart of gold and truly cares about her clients and their success. My only regret is that I didn't find her sooner! " ... meet Lauren

Peggy ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"I didn't have any energy. My body just ached. I felt like I was 90 years old, and I didn't think very highly of myself at all. This year I learned to love myself. I never did before because I didn't know how. Now I tell myself that I love myself and I tell my body that I'm thankful for everything she does for me. I appreciate my body." ... meet Peggy

Kristin ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"I used to have a love/hate relationship with my scale. Now those numbers have no power over me!" Read Kristin's story

Catalina ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"Within my culture (the latino culture) having a connection with your body is highly celebrated. It was something I was taught as a young woman, but as I've gone after my dream job and becoming a mother, I've lost all of that." Read Catalina's story

Shosh ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

" I lost 60lbs working with Nichole. I not only felt like I lost pounds but mental weight that had been weighing me down for years." ... Read Shosh's story

These Women Used To Dread Exercise & Now Look Forward To It.


Viv ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"As a woman I had a tendency to be a giver. I’ve got my children to look after, making sure they’re okay... And suddenly focusing on myself and receiving step-by-step instructions on how to do that was so enlightening." ... meet Viv

Kasie Roads

Kasie ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"There are truly some priceless gems of wisdom in this program. Nichole goes where many trainers don’t go -- away from the mechanics and into your head to dig into the emotions that may be holding you back from being your best." Read Kasie's story

JJ ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"I don’t know where I would be or what I would look like if it wasn't for Nichole... I get emotional just thinking about it. I was on a path of destruction with lots beer and junk food..." ... meet JJ

Christine ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"Diet is a word that I never use anymore and will never have to use again. Learning to love the body that you’re in and allowing yourself to be the best that you possibly can is simply priceless!" Read Christine's story


Samantha ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"The Wildly Alive Weight Loss program taught me how to let go of jealousy I have of others, nasty thoughts about myself and how to step into who I truly am. People love how happy and outgoing I am now; they even call me "Positive Polly"... I have lost so much more than just the extra weight."  ... meet Samantha

Kendall Slotte 

Kendall ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"Once you finally find that love for yourself, you want to take care of yourself and thats when the eating well and movement just come naturally to you." Read Kendall's story


Jessica ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"Nichole really touches on the things that I didn't realize I needed help with, the internal struggle. Believing in myself enough to do this. The weight of worrying about my weight was lifted." ... meet Jessica

Jody Anderson 

Jody ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"This summer I plan on taking a trip to California and I will be wearing a 2 piece bathing suit once again. After I had my son a year ago I thought I would never wear a 2 piece bathing suit. And now with this great new body, I won’t be embarrassed when I’m walking on the beach." Read Jody's story

Alicia ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"I felt like stopping and taking some time for myself meant I was either being lazy or selfish. I'm a mom, a wife and an entrepreneur -- there was plenty of stuff for me to do. This program made me realize that making time for myself actually made me a more productive person. I get so much more done in a day!" ... meet Alicia

Robin Chapman 

Robin ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"The biggest, most important changes that I saw from the program were in how I listened to and appreciated my body. It wasn’t more than a few weeks in before I started noticing that my resentment toward my body was starting to dissipate."Read Robin's story


Dena ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"I was so busy, being a mom, a wife and working full time, that I felt like I could never find time for myself. I've now lost 30lbs and have never felt better.I have more weight to lose, but I feel good about that. I know it will happen for me. I have all the tools I need." Read Dena's story

Stefanie ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"I noticed that I was way too hard on my body and lacked patience with my kids and husband. I also found that my business was suffering because I had a lot self-doubt about being good enough." Read Stefanie's story


Margaret ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"I ate every single one of my feelings. For the first time in my life I did not like myself. Now, after the program, I feel like myself again. It's completely changed my life and I feel on top of the world." Read Margaret's story

Jo Lisa

Jo Lisa ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"While talking with Nichole I found the courage to leave a job of many years and take a step towards making myself happier. I'm the happiest I've been in years, and most importantly I love myself." Read Jo Lisa's story


More Wildly Alive Successes


Jean Anesco

"This program was the most wonderful gift I have ever given to myself.

Now, I can honestly say I love myself, and mean it. This was so much more than just weight loss for me. I have started to be more open and let go of pain from the past. Things used to really overwhelm me, emotionally, but I have learned how to relax and not take life so seriously or things personally!

With Nichole's guidance I have found joy everyday, feel confident, and now give myself a little space, even if it's 10 mins of meditation. I am forever grateful." - Jean 


Jaci Lapointe

"Once upon a time there was this crazy busy mom of two, who spent so much time making sure everyone else had what they needed, that she forgot to make sure SHE had what she needed! That was me! Then I stumbled across Wildly Alive Weight Loss. I thought to myself "Yeah some internet long distance help is never gonna work for me" But figured why not give it a shot anyway?

Though I feel like a pretty positive person because of the program I realized I was sabotaging myself on a daily basis. The final realization came at the end of the program when I was asked to substitute at my daughters school! My immediate first thought was "I CANT do that!" But thanks to WAWL I recognized "Helga" (that nagging voice). Before this program I KNOW I would have turned it down!

Yes I lost weight, but more importantly, I found ME! Lost in all the noise and chaos of tending my family, I forgot just how AWESOME I was. WAWL showed me that taking time for ME was paramount to having a happier family!" 


Mary Kelly

"Before I started the Wildly Alive program, I was at a crossroads -- I had everything I had ever wanted and was completely miserable because my main goal in life was food and weight loss.

After starting the program, the main difference I noticed was the mind shift. I realized just how cruel I was to my body and I gave up fighting it.

This program is different because it focuses on changing your mind and lifestyle while helping you learn to enjoy life again. I don’t regret for a minute spending money on this program because it helped me get my life back. It helped me shift my focus to the things that truly matter."  


Rachael Knapp

"I was angry all the time. I would bully myself for wanting to eat, for being hungry, and for not being perfect. It made me so touchy. If my fiancé said anything the least bit constructive I would be on him like a shark in water. Though my size hasn't changed that much in the last 12 weeks, I love my body. I don't pick myself a part in the mirror any more, and I know the weight loss will come."  


Jaymi Bryant

"I felt like I was never good enough -- my life was consumed by losing weight. I just wasn't happy, at all.

There was something that Nichole said to me that I will never forget.. She said, 'Jaymi, there's nothing wrong with your body' and I never thought that before. It brought me to tears and I really do believe it. I now look in the mirror and say positive things to myself... and that never happened before."  


Kaili Ets

"Before starting to work with Nichole I had tried various different programs and workout regimes – from working with nutritionists, to reading various books on health/nutrition/different types of diets.

Right from the start I felt like Nichole really understood me​,​ she had pegged exactly what was going on. I think because she has been there​.

If you are considering working with Nichole give it a chance! She has a different approach and is very holistic that will open your eyes and help you to change from the inside out. You will not be disappointed.” 


Alice Walker

"I used to be go, go, go, all the time. I was very stressed. I was putting stress on myself to try to do everything ‘right away.’ I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid and was tired of forcing myself to go to the gym.

Most of the other programs I’ve done had a very rigid plan, like: ‘Okay, follow this meal plan. Eat these things. Eat these amounts of calories. It’s just a math problem.’ But Nichole showed me it’s actually about the mind AND the body. Now I never have to do another one of those awful diets ever again! 


Linda Gotsch

"Hope -- that's what this program has given me, which was huge for me. I feel more a part of life and feeling energy coming back every day! This program gives your strength, motivation and support. The sisterhood makes me feel so deeply connected. I truly, in my heart-of-hearts, believe Nichole is going to be very famous for what she is doing -- it's like nothing else out there. (Here's a picture of Linda and her Wildly Alive sister Lynn)


Donna Arbogast

"WAWL was never about weight loss. For me, it was about changing my mindset, healing my relationship with my body, and learning how to really live. Before this program, I intuitively knew that I needed to do something different to break out of my destructive patterns.

Nichole came into my life at the moment I needed her the most. Her tough love approach was what I needed to really start thinking about things in a brand new way. I am a stronger person today and because of her I know that I am enough just as I am right now.


Lina Ignatova

"I used to be a person who was go-go-go all the time. I was doing entirely too much and it was exhaustingI now stick to three main things a day, and make fun a priority! I feel like I have truly found self love -- the mirror isn't something I dread any more. This program is like nothing out there.



"I was aware of the fact that there was a better solution out there, I knew it intuitively, but couldn't figure out how that would ever happen. I knew that life could be beautiful and alive, but my mood was always down.

The program taught me how to listen to my body and give it the correct nourishment. I realized how connected our mind and bodies work together. This program is one of the most beautiful gifts you can give to yourself, and you actually, literally deserve it and it's amazing when you feel it.


Jo Kent

"Before working with Nichole, I was stuck - literally and figuratively. I felt trapped in a job I did not like and I had so much stress built up that I had multiple bouts of frozen shoulder.

Almost immediately after starting the WAWL program, I began to feel empowered. I found myself naturally not taking on other people's stress. I began saying "yes" to my needs and wants. I began socializing with people I enjoyed being with. And I left my job that was robbing me of life! Things have only gotten better.


Kay Hicks

"Nichole taught me that when I take care of myself and when I am happy, that I can be the best mom, wife, woman that I desire to be and my family gets my best self. With Nichole's program, my confidence has increased on all levels. Because of Nichole, I am being the best I can be, having fun and really living my life more.

If you are thinking about joining Nichole's program - DO IT! You will be glad you did because she will 'Rock your World!' We all deserve to be happy and feel good about ourselves and live 'Wildly Alive!' 


Lynn Schueler

"I’ve lost 25 lbs. I have more to lose but that isn’t my focus anymore. I’m just enjoying who I am. People tell me how great I look and that my whole personality has changed for the better.

Other things that have changed since the WAWL program (that may not sound huge to you, but are big to me) is -- I eat breakfast everyday because I’m hungry, I’m not in therapy for bulimia or on medication and I have a better relationship with my Dad. I feel truly blessed.


Elizabeth Croce

"I have loved everything about this program including Nichole and her coaching style. She took the time to really know me, find out who I am in a deep way, and used the tools in her toolbox to set me up to succeed. I was constantly filled with joy and completely floored by how wise she is.

The way Nichole approaches weight loss is one that is individual, whole, and digs deep to find what exactly holds you back so success is no longer temporary or surface level. This program changed my life! It is definitely intimidating, but my wish for you is to experience real, lasting, deep healing and self love!


Stella Demetriou

"A huge win for me while working with Nichole was around a really stressful situation at work. I was overwhelmed and I didn’t immediately turn to food -- I wasn't running to the chocolate like I usually do. Then as the day was ending I was still very upset, but realized I wasn't searching for fast food options while driving home. I was honestly shocked. I got home and thought, 'Wow!'I really feel like I can handle anything after going through this program.


Kimberley Hopwood

"Working up to 18 hours a day at a desk, I was too busy to work out! I knew I had to do something, but I couldn’t see how I could fit a fitness program into my already maxed-out day.

Nichole nailed it! She helped me figure out how I could fit working out into my crazy schedule and change the mindset that was stopping me. Fitness went from yet another thing on my to-do list to something FUN that makes me laugh out loud! Having Nichole’s personal support made a big difference. If you’re thinking of working with her — just do it. You’ll be glad you did.”


Carmel Atanasu-Teeters

"I joined the WAWL program because I had no energy. I was tired at work. I was tired when I got home. I didn’t have the energy to do anything except get a bag of chips and sit down and eat while watching TV, and my body refelected that. Now after completing the program I go and do things on my days off! I get in my pool, I ride my bike, I walk -- I just have tons of energy now. I’m not self-conscious about going out and letting people see me. Before, I was embarrassed, like I didn’t even want to go out. I think I’ve done like a 180. I’m really proud of myself!”


Toura Hooper

"Before working with Nichole I ate whatever I wanted because I was denied food as a teen (like the rebel inside was out full force). I was told by my coaches that I needed to be thin in order to be the best volleyball, basketball and softball player I could be. I obviously had a terrible relationship with food.

Since our time together things have totally changed! I now know how to handle my emotions instead of reaching for a candy bar -- and I workout because I want my body to be strong and fit so that I can play and have fun in my life. Nichole makes you feel validated in your feelings then gives you the solutions to what is really holding your weight loss back. She is not a quick fix, she is a forever fix!"


June Van Winkle

"Before WAWL I was either 'on a diet' or 'off my diet.' It was all about the food. I based my self-worth on how well I did on any given day and, since I was rarely perfect, I felt unworthy and guilty most of the time.

I think the biggest and most important thing that changed was that my attitude toward EVERYTHING changed. I began to focus on the things in my life that were really important… and fun! Even when I make choices that are not excellent, I don’t dwell on them and get back to making better choices within a day or two.

Nichole provides you with a whole new set of tools to use that will last a lifetime… lots of common sense and no gimmicks!"


Allison Gardner

“Before I started working with Nichole, I was always second guessing myself and doubting myself. I regained 50 lbs after working with a personal trainer in the past and was really depressed about it. I felt like I had no control over what was going on, I was doubting my decisions, and I was insecure at work and in my personal life.

Nichole really opened my eyes to so many things within my body and my mind that I was totally unaware of. I was sabotaging myself and didn’t even realize it. I have gained power over my own thoughts and actions. I am mentally and emotionally strong enough, and I know that all the weight I want to lose will come off in time, because I am not just losing weight; I am regaining my health and changing my lifestyle for the rest of my life."


Leanne Chesser

"I was a BIG emotional eater -- I just ate to stuff my emotions.… and not getting where I wanted to go with my fitness goals. I was really frustrated with my ‘all or nothing’ mentality.

With Nichole’s help, I figured out how to listen to my body. I remember when I figured out how to eat when I was truly physically hungry and stop when I was full, oh my God, that was HUGE. Her personalized care alone is worth signing up for! She really, really, really cares about her clients and it shows throughout the program.”



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