20 minute workout for women (Wildly Alive style)

I sure hope things are going great in your world. Things over at the Wildly Alive Weight Loss headquarters couldn’t be better! Not only did the 21 Day Get Moving Challenge reach the highest number of participants than ever before, so did the Wildly Alive Weight Loss Program. I feel incredibly blessed that these women…

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How to have financial conversations with your husband

Today, my husband Zac is making his debut appearance on the blog (perfect for V-day too)! You’ve heard all about Zac, I know, but something you probably don’t know is that as of January 2015, he has officially become the financial manager of Wildly Alive Weight Loss (WAWL)! So the other night, I sat down with…

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When all you want is to lose weight

It’s a proven scientific fact, first stated by Carl Jung — whatever you resist, persists. Over the years, additional scientists and teachers have expanded upon this concept, saying, “What you RESIST, PERSISTS…and, what you ACCEPT, CHANGES.” Even if you’ve never heard this phrase, the concept should be familiar to you.  Remember science class?  For every…

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How to lose weight without working out

I’m sure you’re wondering why the heck I am talking about losing weight without exercise as a former personal trainer. Well relax those raised eyebrows sister, because there is method behind all my crazy madness… as there always is. ​This video ​​​gives you one of THE BIGGEST mind-shifts that has helped my clients lose weight…

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How to lose weight without dieting

Holy wow! The ladies participating in the 21 Day Get Moving Challenge right now are *rocking it out*! My facebook news feed is all hogged up with smiling faces, dancing bodies, scenic walks and body love. I am eating it up. It’s inspiring the heck out of me. Check it out (and these are only a…

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Interviewing Danny-J from The Sweaty Betties

As much as I hate to admit this, I used to be a chronic dieter. “Hi, my name is Nichole and I’m addicted to dieting.” Yep, totally me. I thought that if I didn’t have a diet to follow that I would eat for days, until I couldn’t fit through the door. I truly believed…

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Quick ab workout (wildly alive style)

Though I don’t do personal training any more I still remember whenever I asked my clients, “Okay we have about 10 minutes left until we stretch, anything you’d like to target right now?” Their response was ALWAYS abs. So today’s video is inspired by just that. This is a quick ab workout that you can…

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15 Ways to channel your Wildly Alive woman

(click the video below for some free coaching)   As I am sitting here, I’m still amazed at how much my life has changed since 2009, when I was lost in the obsession of the perfect body, and was abusing myself with food. I had a self esteem that has been beaten into the ground.…

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Why typical goal setting techniques SUCKS and what to do instead.

Watch Video For Free Coaching   As we round into the second week of the holidays that have been filled with everything from excitement, overwhelm, stress, relaxation and anything in between, I have an idea that may make this time of year even better. I would love for you to set an intention for 2015 right here, right now.…

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A gift to you from Zambia, Africa

As the stress and anxiety increases I want to give you a gentle reminder of what life’s really meant to be about with some emotional pictures I took in Africa. This email is about really looking and *feeling* what the pictures are SAYING — not just scrolling down taking a quick glance then popping back into…

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