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4 out-of-the-box tips on how to start losing weight

I have to be blunt here — I get so pissed off when smart, intelligent women fall victim to all those weight loss products, pills, extreme exercise programs, and infomercials taking over the media. Why? Because I fell for almost every one, and they never worked; they just proved (once again) that I would be trapped in a…

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better relationships

How to build better relationships (so you don’t turn to food for comfort)

Whenever Zac and I are snagged on something I can feel myself being drawn to high sugar, high fat foods… It’s feels totally unconscious and out of control, can you relate? This is because every relationship in our life effects our health and how we treat ourselves. Our relationship with others, ourselves and our higher…

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Ever wonder, “Who am I?” Watch this.

So often we think that the reason why were not losing weight is because we’re eating crummy and not exercising enough… and if we just fix those things we’ll start losing the weight. Well, this is right and wrong at the same time. Yes, you do need to eat well and move regularly BUT the…

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Overcoming a weight loss plateau (part 3)

Hey sister, hope your week is going great so far. I’m a little tired from a very eventful weekend (what I like to call “blissfully exhausted”) in Park City, UT. WOW was it beautiful. It actually reminded me a lot of home (Vail, CO). Great ski mountain, and lots of people outdoors connecting with nature…

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Overcoming a weight loss plateau (part 2)

If you are someone who can’t say no to the candy, donuts or chips while you’re at the office, or someone who really enjoys their sugar at night, today’s video is for you. Sugar cravings speak volumes about your life and how you feel about it. Seriously. So, in today’s video, I really dive into this…

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Overcoming a weight loss plateau (part 1)

I cannot believe it’s already August, sheesh time flies. Right? I honestly feel like summer just started. We had a loooooong spring here in Colorado. It was beautiful, but I was starting to get antsy! Actually, Zac and I hiked our first 14er of the season! If you’re curious, a 14er is a 14,000ft mountain —…

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Exercise ball workout, Wildly Alive style

To ensure to you don’t fall into a slump and completely stop exercising all together you MUST switch things up and try new types of movement. So today we’re working out with an exercise ball! Join me and also print the PDF so you can do whenever. This is officially the first Wildly Alive Exercise…

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If you love your body, why should you try to lose weight?

“I’m so confused. Society tells us to “love your body” and accept your body. However, if I’m beautiful just as I am, why should I lose weight?” This is SUCH A GREAT question, and recently it has come up A LOT in the Wildly Alive Weight Loss Sisterhood. So, I thought now is the perfect…

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I’d love my body if…

I’d love my body if….(fill in the blank) I’ve said that sentence more times than I’d like to admit… I think we all have. And the ironic thing about it, at least in my experience, is that once I finally attained that “(fill in the blank)” (or got as close at I possibly could), my…

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Lose weight & KEEP IT OFF (secrets from those who’ve succeeded)

It’s easy to feel like every woman you meet has found the secret weight loss miracle you long for… Trust me — it feels like every woman is losing weight but you. Which is why we’re featuring secrets from women who’ve succeeded! Yes, these women have lost weight, kept it off and are giving you…

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