At Home Workout For Women

In home workout for women

Okay, I’m so tired of hearing women tell me they don’t have time to workout. I’m not really mad at them because we, as women, are conditioned by extreme workout programs like P90x, Cross Fit, Insanity, and the list goes on. We think that we need 60 minutes at the bare minimum to lose weight…

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Am I healthy

What your tongue says about your health

Hey love! How are you doing? Did you have a great weekend? Hope so, I sure did! I went to a Hay House workshop and MAN was it awesome. (Hay House, was founded by the amazing Louise Hay). I got so much spiritual nourishment. Here is a picture of me and my friend Stephanie at…

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Perfect Diet

How to be perfect with your diet

(transcript of video)   Today, I’m answering the famous question, “How to be perfect with your diet.”   This is a question I get asked all the time. Good, old, “Perfectionist Helga,” I always like to call her… And I’m going to be totally blunt with you, as I usually am every single week;  …

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Feeling shame

Feeling shame and wanted to share

    I’m feeling some shame and disappointment as I write this… But I am also learning some very valuable lessons right now that I think will help you. I don’t want to go into the drama of it all, but let’s just say my taxes for ’11 and ’12 were done completely wrong and…

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Workout For Busy Moms

Last weekend while I was skiing I had my very first collision — and yes, it hurt. I honestly have no idea what happened but all of a sudden I was merging into another woman, YIKES! I hit the ground, hard (thank goodness for helmets), my skis went flying and my poles were temporarily missing……

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How to be happy with yourself

I gotta ask ya, how often does your mind say something like this: This ISN’T the body I want This ISN’T the job I want This ISN’T the house I want This ISN’T the life I want … More than you’d like to admit? I TOTALLY get it. For YEARS I lived in this debilitating…

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Feel freedom around food

I’m going to open up and paint a painful picture for you (for good reason, just keep reading)…   I’m standing in my kitchen, leaning up against the sink, shoveling ice cream down my throat, stressed and full of anxiety because I know that I “shouldn’t” be eating this… It’s “bad” food… and all it’s…

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How to relax and release unwanted weight

OMG have you ever went snowmobiling? Well, I did it last weekend… All I can say is those things are a little scary! This could be because I had to ride on the back with my crazy, adrenaline junkie boyfriend driving (who’s never ridden before). But, I have to say, even though my heart was…

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How to stop anxiety- 1 simple tip

(transcript of video) Alright, if that looks all too familiar, in today’s video, I’m gonna teach how to stop the anxiety and feel calm again.   So last week, enrollment was open to Wildly Alive Weight Loss Program and I have a lot of calls with women who were interested, and I notice this perpetual…

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Screen shot 2014-01-28 at 10.50.43 AM

If you doubt yourself and wonder, “Can I lose weight?” … This is for you.

  (Transcript of video) If you’re struggling with weight loss and questioning ‘Can I lose weight?’ , today, I’m going to share with you the number one mistake that my clients make that hold them back from losing weight. That YOU’RE probably been doing. So stay tuned. Hey there. It’s Nichole Kellerman – founder and…

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