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3 healthy travel tips (so you prevent weight gain and guilt)

As I am getting ready to leave to Africa (again, I have your back and pre-wrote all my blogs before I left), I thought it would be helpful to share with you how I prepare to leave on vacation so I am set up for success (and so I don’t come home 10 pounds heavier,…

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Simple stretches for upper back pain or neck pain

As you are reading this I am in Africa! As I said last week, make sure you are following me on Facebook. I will be posting (a lot hopefully). As a good business woman and coach you’ll still have weekly #WildlyAlive tools popping into your inbox while I’m away (see, I got your back). So,…

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My favorite healthy pizza recipe

I cannot believe it. I am leaving to Africa in just 3 days!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I am so excited I could just spit! HA! Hey, make sure you are following me on Facebook, I plan on posting LOTS of pictures (and hopefully videos) of my experience. I want to share all the amazing lessons I will…

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It’s my birthday! Pay what you can week!

Click here and pay what YOU can     Here’s what you get: The ›› 10 Day Body Reset Program ‹‹ This is a 3 step formula to getting your healthy body back! Step 1 – Energizing, fueling, and nourishing your body with amazing foods so you can feel clear and calm and you will glow with radiance (while NOT…

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Late night eating while trying to lose weight

Whooee the last two weeks have been pretty intense, here in the Wildly Alive community! First I sent you an email encouraging you to unsubscribe from my email list if we weren’t a good fit (and how exactly to figure that out), and then last week I sent you an emotionally charged email about Oprah…

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Do you like Oprah because she struggles with her weight?

I have a question for you . Would you find me more credible if I were fatter?  It’s a pretty jarring question, but it’s valid. The other day I was on a call with a coaching client where we were exploring her fears around losing weight.  Yes, you too have fears around weight loss, and mostly likely it’s what’s…

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How your bra helps you lose weight

I have to admit, I feel like I’ve been a bad coach. Let me explain, a few months ago a woman by the name Ali Cudby emailed me asking me if my ladies ever deal with bra/sports bra issues preventing them from wanting to really move their body or just overall making them feel uncomfortable.…

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Inner thigh and back of arms workout

Though I teach loving your body unconditionally (imperfections included), there are parts of our body that we wish were stronger, and I don’t see any problem wanting to improve your already amazing body. Right?!? Commonly those areas could be your triceps (back of your arms) and/or inner thighs. That’s where today’s workout video comes in!…

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Weight Loss and Mindset (the science behind it)

  Hey Sister, So have I got a treat for you today! We’re talkin’ science baby (waa-waaa-waaaaaa), haha!  No, but seriously this is a science lesson you’re going to dig,  because I explain why you’ve been sabotaging yourself with the cookies and Doritos, and why you’re not doing what you KNOW you “should be.” Plus,…

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Foods that help you lose weight

Though I teach mainly the mindset and emotional side of weight loss I absolutely teach nutrition as well. This is where today’s video comes in, where I explain to you foods that help encourage weight loss. Plus, I tell you the secret to what cleared my skin up and helped me stop cystic acne I…

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