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Family stress — how to deal

Can I get real with you? My family used to stress me out like CRAZY (like run to the pint of ice cream kind of crazy)! Especially around the holidays. Ya feel me? If so, I have something pretty awesome to share with you! A few years back I heard about this tip from a…

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Creating the life you want and dealing with judgment

Zac and I always knew parenthood would be a wild adventure. What we didn’t realize is that the adventure would start from the moment we got pregnant. There are SO MANY big decisions when it comes to bringing a child into this world. Doctor? Midwife? Home birth? Hospital birth? Natural? Epidural? Names? Vaccinations? Day care?…

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How to end emotional eating (part 3)

It was a day from hell at the office: Your boss dropped a deadline bomb on you that feel is totally impossible to meet. The gossip queen of the office wouldn’t leave you alone You left your healthy lunch on the kitchen counter leaving you to surrender, say “screw it!” and get a juicy cheeseburger…

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How to end emotional eating (part 2)

Growing up and all through high school I was never concerned with my physical image, or what people thought about it. It wasn’t until summer 2004 when my world got flipped upside down. At that time I was working with a girl named Sarah (let’s call her), who broke me down day-by-day, slowly picking away…

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How to end emotional eating (part 1)

Emotional eating used to be a very shameful part of my life, but healing it has been the most freeing thing I have ever experienced, and I want you to feel the same. So today we’re starting a 3 part series on how to end emotional eating, wildly alive style! When I was struggling with my…

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How to lose 10 lbs in one month…

Guess what! My baby bump is finally coming in at 18 weeks :). I feel like I’ve been waiting forever for this moment. Though I know I should enjoy the non-bump time (because with the bump comes un-comfortability) but I am thrilled. And all I have to say is, bring on the pregnancy pants. Have you wore…

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4 out-of-the-box tips on how to start losing weight

I have to be blunt here — I get so pissed off when smart, intelligent women fall victim to all those weight loss products, pills, extreme exercise programs, and infomercials taking over the media. Why? Because I fell for almost every one, and they never worked; they just proved (once again) that I would be trapped in a…

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better relationships

How to build better relationships (so you don’t turn to food for comfort)

Whenever Zac and I are snagged on something I can feel myself being drawn to high sugar, high fat foods… It’s feels totally unconscious and out of control, can you relate? This is because every relationship in our life effects our health and how we treat ourselves. Our relationship with others, ourselves and our higher…

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Ever wonder, “Who am I?” Watch this.

So often we think that the reason why were not losing weight is because we’re eating crummy and not exercising enough… and if we just fix those things we’ll start losing the weight. Well, this is right and wrong at the same time. Yes, you do need to eat well and move regularly BUT the…

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Overcoming a weight loss plateau (part 3)

Hey sister, hope your week is going great so far. I’m a little tired from a very eventful weekend (what I like to call “blissfully exhausted”) in Park City, UT. WOW was it beautiful. It actually reminded me a lot of home (Vail, CO). Great ski mountain, and lots of people outdoors connecting with nature…

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