How to Love Yourself

How to love yourself (step-by-step guide)

When I was struggling with my weight I always heard about this “self love” thing, but honestly I had absolutely no idea what that even looked like. “You want me to look in the mirror and focus on what I like about my body? But there isn’t anything…” “Give myself a hug? What?” “Be nicer…

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In debt and depressed – how I pulled myself out

One of the biggest mistakes that I see my clients make is that they assuming failure. “Helga,” their self-sabotaging voice, has completely ripped all  hope from their fingers. Helga says things like: “You’ve tried to lose weight in the past, why do you think it’ll be different this time?” “You’ve always been fat, so you’ll always be…

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Knee friendly leg and butt workout

Truth is, us women are prone to knee issues (just the way our body and hips are shaped), BUT I have good news! You can drastically decrease your chances of that by keeping your legs and hips strong and mobile. On the mobile side, I would suggest deep stretching or yoga on a weekly basis. As…

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How I banished my sugar addiction

  Click Video For Some Free Coaching Alright, if you are constantly thinking, “I eat too much sugar at night”, I hear you sister. I used to totally be addicted to ice cream. Let me show you what I did. Alright, late night sugar cravings are the worst and I know full fledge how those…

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How to lose weight WITHOUT losing your social life

The BBQ parties are here, which means so is the potato salad, bratwurst and ice cream (yummm)… Did that sentence excite you for a moment, then take an immediately turn for the worst because all you think of is how unhealthy it is (aka weight gain)? Well I’m here to calm your “weight gain” nerves…

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The BEST cardio workout

I have some great news. This a safe place for me to brag, right? I say HECK YES it is — bragging is such a healthy thing to do! Because bragging/celebration is KEY to success. We must acknowledge those baby steps to reach our bigger goal. (It says to the Universe, “Thank you! More please!”)…

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How to be a calm mother

  I cannot tell you how happy I am that summer is here, literally it just came a few weeks ago for us here in the Colorado Mountains.  We were ITCHING for some sunshine with all the rain and clouds… BUT man is it green up here now. Check out this hike I went on a few weeks ago. >>…

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How to like vegetables (so you have more energy)

Hola senorita! So have you ever admitted to yourself that you just don’t eat enough vegetables? Or maybe you’ve even used the excuse that you just flat out don’t like them. I feel ya. I was raised on Hamburger Helper and processed cheese slices (you know, the ones wrapped in plastic)? Yummmmm-y (said very sarcastically).…

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The BEST way to lose weight

Hello LOVE! So today I am coming with an impromptu video from Austin, Texas where I was on for a business trip these last few days. I really had some “gut hitting” moments and I wanted to share them with you. I actually realized what a TOTAL hypocrite I’ve been… It’s all in the video…

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10 minute arm workout for women (tight + toned arms)

Lot’s of fun stuff going on over at the Wildly Alive Weight Loss headquarters :). The 21 Day Get Moving Challenge is rockin’ and rollin’ with an amazing group of women. I’m headed off to Austin, TX for a business training, then making my way to LA for a week full of pool time, family…

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