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Want to experience losing weight like never before? To finally put an end to the struggle and obsession, and find ease and fun? Then join Nichole live to learn first hand how to get started. How it works: On Wednesday nights (check the schedule below) at 8:30pm EST/ 5:30pm PST Nichole will be hosting free Wildly Alive Coaching…

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How to let go of friendships that are no longer serving you

“Men are taught to apologize for their weaknesses, women for their strengths.” ― Lois Wyse   I read this quote and it really struck a nerve. The way we learned to apologize for being women varies, but the things we learned to apologize for are all the same.   Our bodies. Our voices. Our power.…

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What if I told you, your period and menstruation cycle can be used to your advantage? Well, I'm dead serious, you can! I started doing this back in 2013 and it's created so much ease. I know it sounds weird, but hear me out -- have a listen.

How syncing up your menstruation cycle with your life creates flow and ease

Guys! I’m leaving for a two week vacation TOMORROW. Oh my goodness. I’m stoooked. I’ll be visiting my little bro and bestie in Homer, Alaska. You ever been? It looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see it in person. My stomach is already turning in excitement just thinking about it. Chillin’ out with good ol’ mother nature and…

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Today, we're onto part 3 of our hormonal balance series and we're discussing your diet. I can hear it now, "Oh great more things I CAN'T eat!"... I get it, deciding what to eat can be discouraging. Tune in as I explain realistic and practical ways to make these changes. It'll have profound effects on your energy, sleep and confidence. You don't want to skip this one!

Diet shifts to create hormonal balance

WOW — what a week. The response I’ve gotten from the two pregnancy/birthing emails has been overwhelmingly awesome. Thank you for those who reached out in some way. It seems like most momma’s have some healing to do around their birthing experience and my hope is that by sharing my story, it inspired some of you to…

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My pregnancy struggles and home birth turned emergency c-section [Part 2]

Little recap – In part 1 I told you about my struggles with pregnancy, and my homebirth that was taking an ugly turn. If you didn’t get a chance to read that, catch up here. …We left off with me being wheeling into the surgery room for the c-section. “Umm, I can’t feel anything below my…

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My pregnancy struggles and home birth turned emergency c-section [Part 1]

Disclaimer: I’ve been wanting to tell this story for a very long time but haven’t been ready. It was a very emotional time for me. Even just writing this has brought up some “stuff” so I can continue to learn and heal from it. It is a bit long, so grab your tea or coffee,…

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Shocking things that are affecting your hormonal balance

As you know last Wednesday was International Women’s day. It had me thinking about what being a woman means to me. Since I was young I wished I was a boy. There wasn’t much about being a girl that I enjoyed. I know, it’s sad I felt that way. But, over the last 10 years, I’ve been…

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Infertility, menopause, PCOS, painful cramps, extreme cravings, or lack of menstruation. What do these all have in common? Hormones. If you suffer from any of these things, please make sure you're not making this common mistake.

If you have extreme cravings, heavy periods, infertility, PCOS, or suffering from any hormonal imbalance – DO THIS!

Today’s free coaching call (below) is going to kick off a series on hormonal balance. Many women suffer from some level of it and don’t even know it. If you’ve ever experienced infertility, PCOS, painful cramps, extreme cravings, heavy menstruation, a lack of menstruation or even menopause, this series will absolutely help you. And as always…

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"When it comes to eating healthy, I don't even know where to start!!!" This is something I hear from women ALLLL the time, which is why I'm giving you three simple steps that make healthy eating REALISTIC!

How to make healthy eating unbelievably easy

Man, now that Wyatt has been sleeping through the night consistently, I feel like a NEW FREAKING WOMAN. Can you tell? It only took about 9 months, but HEY, better now then never – haha! Chronic sleep deprivation is by far one of the worst things ever. I really hope my future children are better…

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Guilty of eating at your desk? What about a little TV during dinner, or breakfast with your phone? This is for you! I know how easy it is, but it's really not helping you be more productive OR helping your waistline. That’s exactly what we’re talking about in this free Wildly Alive Weight Loss Coaching Call. LISTEN IN!

If you eat in front of the TV, computer or with your phone – this is for you

You guys! Guess what? Zac and I had our first night without Wyatt. It was great and you bet your butt we took full advantage. We had a long uninterrupted nap. We drank an entire bottle of wine at dinner. Watched a WHOLE movie in one sitting. Slept in, had a peaceful breakfast, and skied…

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