Cellulite — how I deal with it

When emotions run high it seems like our automatic reaction as women is to turn on ourselves, more specifically our bodies. We think it’s easier to pick out all the imperfections (the bags under our eyes, pimples, flabby arms, pooch-y stomach, cellulite, etc) than to deal with the REAL issue. Stress. Family, shopping, presents, traffic,…

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Why you’re not losing weight and my most powerful exercise to start

Hey sister, it’s been a full week back at work and though it felt a little weird, I am so thrilled to be back in the swing of things. I’m coming home with so many insights and lessons from my Africa trip. I hope you are excited for a the blog posts I will be…

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Big news!

OMG right? This trip has been the most incredible experience of my life and yet we had so many people insist we not go because fear of Ebola (which is SOOOO far away from where we were (Africa is GIGANTIC)). If we would’ve fallen into the medias fear based be-afraid-the-world-is-a-dangerous-place or materials-mean-everything-buy-buy-buy mentality we wouldn’t…

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3 healthy travel tips (to prevent weight gain and guilt)

As I am getting ready to leave to Africa (again, I have your back and pre-wrote all my blogs before I left), I thought it would be helpful to share with you how I prepare to leave on vacation so I am set up for success (and so I don’t come home 10 pounds heavier,…

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Simple stretches for upper back pain or neck pain

As you are reading this I am in Africa! As I said last week, make sure you are following me on Facebook. I will be posting (a lot hopefully). As a good business woman and coach you’ll still have weekly #WildlyAlive tools popping into your inbox while I’m away (see, I got your back). So,…

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My favorite healthy pizza recipe

I cannot believe it. I am leaving to Africa in just 3 days!!! Ahhhhhh!!! I am so excited I could just spit! HA! Hey, make sure you are following me on Facebook, I plan on posting LOTS of pictures (and hopefully videos) of my experience. I want to share all the amazing lessons I will…

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It’s my birthday! Pay what you can week!

Click here and pay what YOU can     Here’s what you get: The ›› 10 Day Body Reset Program ‹‹ This is a 3 step formula to getting your healthy body back! Step 1 – Energizing, fueling, and nourishing your body with amazing foods so you can feel clear and calm and you will glow with radiance (while NOT…

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Late night eating while trying to lose weight

Whooee the last two weeks have been pretty intense, here in the Wildly Alive community! First I sent you an email encouraging you to unsubscribe from my email list if we weren’t a good fit (and how exactly to figure that out), and then last week I sent you an emotionally charged email about Oprah…

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Do you like Oprah because she struggles with her weight?

I have a question for you . Would you find me more credible if I were fatter?  It’s a pretty jarring question, but it’s valid. The other day I was on a call with a coaching client where we were exploring her fears around losing weight.  Yes, you too have fears around weight loss, and mostly likely it’s what’s…

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How your bra helps you lose weight

I have to admit, I feel like I’ve been a bad coach. Let me explain, a few months ago a woman by the name Ali Cudby emailed me asking me if my ladies ever deal with bra/sports bra issues preventing them from wanting to really move their body or just overall making them feel uncomfortable.…

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