How to Become a Person Who Loooves to Workout - Part 2. Today we're discussing why exercise has been such a struggle and how to make it come more naturally.

Working out doesn’t have to be a struggle — read this.

I’m attempting to write to you from my living room, with Wyatt in my lap all bundled up in blankets because he’s got a stomach bug. Poor guy. Honestly, he’s handling it like a champ — still smiling!

Between many sleepless nights (Wyatt’s going through some sleep separation anxiety), and Zac and being sick, all while running the 21 Day Get Moving Challenge — it’s sure been a week!

It is what it is. I can either complain about it, or just accept it and make the best of it, and that’s what I’m doing 🙂 

Life has been full of lemons over here, so I’m makin’ me some lemonade. Lots of it. Want some?!?

Cheers to rolling with the punches — with a smile,


P.S. You probably noticed Wyatt is strapped to me while I was hosting this coaching call (below). Yep, another lemon that I made into lemonade – haha! Listen in, to find out what happened and why he made a surprise appearance.

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Today's topic in the 'How to Become a Person Who Loooves to Workout Series' we're discussing why exercise has been such a struggle, and how to make it come more naturally.

...As I've made clear before, it isn’t about willpower, grit or getting the job done. It’s actually based on your mindset. If you aren’t moving regularly, we just need to do some adjusting.

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What I shared in this coaching call:

*2:15 - Why looking into your childhood and how you felt about your body (back then), plays a roll in how you exercise now

*4:00 - If you were a kid who hated P.E. and dreaded it, you probably have this limiting belief that’s keeping you stuck.

*5:15 - If you were an athlete growing up, you probably suffer from this limiting belief that's keeping you stuck.

*6:00 - And if you’re somewhere in between (like myself) here’s where your mindset may be off.

*10:20 - Whatever category you fall into, doing this written assignment will absolutely help you shift your mindset, so exercise is something you WANT to do.

Topics that I coached on:

*13:10 - Wildly Alive sister Berline realizes that she falls into many categories when talking about her history with her body and movement -- we discuss what she should do to move her past movement-stuck age.

*20:35 - Kasha tells herself all day, "I'm gonna exercise today, I'm gonna exercise today..." but never seems to follow through. After some digging around we figured out why.

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