H ello Love! So glad you're here.

After being in the health and fitness field for over 10 years, and working with over 400 clients one-on-one, I have mastered the weight loss "formula" (and it's probably not what you think).  Below are my best products and services to lose weight, the Wildly Alive way!

You won't find any talk of counting calories, good food, bad food or willpower inside any of my trainings because I want you to understand exactly how to lose weight WITHOUT those things.  

Wildly Alive Weight Loss is about fun, freedom and adventure. Pick a program below to get started, and I'll see you inside.


21 Day Get Moving Challenge

The 21 Day Get Moving Challenge is a unique and fun challenge that gets you off your butt and back into your life! Tap into an incredible source of energy and joy you never knew you had. Over these 21 days, movement becomes inspiring and enjoyable. And believe it or not you'll start to find love and compassion for your body.

Everyday you will get small, easy-to-implement “Get Moving and Wildly Alive Challenge” to get you out of your head and into your body so you can feel ALIVE again.

No need to plan or prepare; this was designed to work seamlessly into your life. Just sign up and you’re set to roll.

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High-End Group Coaching Program

This is an immersive, online group coaching program. Including instant, on-the-spot coaching during the moments when you're knee-deep in self sabotage. Reach out in the moment, for instant support from your coach (Nichole)!

Imagine - you're stressed out, so close to inhaling the leftover cake in the fridge. But this time you text Nichole. With each new message, you start to relax. Together, you figure out what you're *really* craving (hint: it's not really the cake your craving, it's something beneath the surface). With Nichole's real-time support, you'll learn how to handle the craziness of life in a healthy and self-loving way.

It's possible with this program.

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Women Love Losing Weight Wildly Alive Style

  • Janette Janette
    All I would think about is that next meal and how many points or how many more calories I could have that day. With this program, my focus is on loving myself, giving myself good, healthy food and enjoying it.
    Read Janette's story
  • Gillian Gillian
    I have never done an online program before and I really didn’t understand how that would work. Also, I didn’t really feel like I would be able to stick with it because it wasn't in person, but it worked pretty well actually!
    Read Gillian's story
  • Sonya Sonya
    My relationship with food was something I felt like I had to control -- I strictly counted my calories, I always made sure I was exercising off the calories I 'needed' to... And if I didn't, I was angry.
    Read Sonay's story
  • Jen Jen
    Without realizing what was happening, I began to find myself craving vegetables, sleeping eight hours a night, feeling antsy if I missed a workout—I had changed!
    Read Jen's story
  • Allison Allison
    I came to the WAWL program having already lost 140lbs but I became obsessed with working out and food. I was so scared I was going to gain the weight back.
    Read Allison's story