After my 10 years of being in the health and fitness field, and the 400+ women I have helped lose weight and keep it off (forever)... 

I have found every single one of them comes to me with one BIG problem (and it’s not weight loss). I bet you’ll never guess.

And I used to have it too!

  • Jump out of bed with excitement every morning.
  • Actually enjoy picking out an outfit.
  • Have energy for days and never hit a mid-day slump.
  • Never crave something greasy for dinner... and late-night sugar cravings will disappear.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

But truth be told -- this is rare... I know, I’ve been there, and it’s FRUSTRATING as hell!

Your intentions were great; you gathered all the information and you were doing everything you were “supposed” to be doing to create this dream life and body you wanted. But it started to feel obsessive, and you were starting to get all caught up in good food, bad food, the most effective vs. the least effective workouts, being “good” or being “naughty.”

It was starting to feel like a second job... and where do you have time for that? Career, deadlines, laundry, dishes, to-do’s, social life (what?)... You barely have time to sleep, let alone put in this level of work to lose weight.

But the minute you walk out the door, you see example after example of women who’ve found this secret to weight loss... What do they know that you don’t? What are you doing that they aren’t? You just don’t get it...

Because when you set your mind to something ›› It. Gets. Done. Period.

  • College - CHECK
  • High honors - CHECK
  • Fulfilling career - CHECK
  • Incredible life overall - CHECK

But this... it feels like this is something you’ll never be able to succeed at (oh how I feel ya).

And since you are still here, reading this, I know something about you. You have a powerful and very rare skill, a skill that has gotten you very far in life (which is GREAT).

BUT truth is you’re just not using this skill correctly when it comes to weight loss.

Look, I have a very unique gift in showing women how to use this rare skill so they can cut right through all that “dieting noise” and lose weight without stress or obsession.

I’m not here to brag; I had no idea this was such a gift. It was my clients who pointed this out:


“...It’s crazy how you know EXACTLY what I am feeling sometimes. I got off the phone last night in awe of it all... I felt like you are sitting next to me in my living room.”


Nichole, you have instilled in me a sense of power and strength that I have not felt for way too long! WAWL should be considered an essential life class to teach every woman how to truly love herself!”


“People say, ‘just be yourself,’ but what if you don’t even know who you really are? Then what? Welp, Nichole has shown me how to get in touch with who I really am, deep down, so that I can be myself again.”


And truth be told, once you learn how to use your powerful skill correctly, you’ll:

  • Wake up clear-headed, ready to take on the day.
  • Open your closet excited to get dressed every morning.
  • Have more energy, and if/when that mid-day low hits, you’ll know how to deal.
  • Feel so satisfied with your day that when the late night hits, you won’t need the sugar to bring some excitement into your life.

So if you want to learn how to stop shooting yourself in the foot and how to use this powerful skill (that you already have) correctly (in a way that no one is teaching) -- then keep reading.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 10.24.04 AMNow, before I tell you more about this skill that you’re not using quite right and my unique way of teaching it, I have to get really honest with you… This is like nothing you’ve ever tried before. There are no numbers, treadmills or supplements. This is getting to the ROOT of why you got to this point, why you’re stuck and how to get moving in the right direction. And some women just aren’t quite ready for this.

I am VERY selective on who I accept into this one-on-one program... They need to be *truly* ready.

So, let’s start there and make sure you’re a good fit. Then I’ll share with you exactly what happens inside and how I get you the kind of results you expect.

I am seeking women who...

Are hard workers: You make things happen. Period.

Believe that weight loss IS possible: Though things may not be where you want them, you believe that with the right tools you can figure this out.

Have had an obsession with success since they were a little girl: You’ve always had big dreams of owning your own business, being a CEO, starting a non-profit, taking charge, and loving life while doing it.

Are lifelong learners: You’re reading about 4 books right now: one around health and weight loss, one on personal development, another about moving up in your career field, and maybe a fiction book if you find the time. You just LOVE learning and finding new ways to make your life even better.

Trust in something higher: God, Universe, Angels, Buddha, whatever that is for you, you believe in something higher than yourself and are willing to put your trust in that. You may also like people like Marianne Williamson, Gabby Bernstein, Wayne Dyer and Oprah.

Are open: You’re willing to lead this journey with creativity and openness and understand this is an experiment. You will fall, a few times probably, but you’ll get up, learn your lesson and continue on trying something different.

And willing to let go: Though it sounds scary, you are willing to let go of those old tactics that are keeping you stuck -- things like calorie counting, extreme workout regimens, and death-gripping control.


And there is more...

You want to make a difference: Deep within, you know that if you could just get this body stuff handled, it could stop holding you back from your *true* desires -- which involve service, love and making this planet an even better place to call home.

You want freedom and opportunities: You want to be able to rock any outfit with glowing confidence. To walk into a room and not be afraid to be seen. And when you speak, to be heard.

You want more fun: You are willing to throw your head back, open your arms and surrender into the moment. You have a sense of humor, don't mind cursing and crave laughing until your face hurts.

Does all that just feel “right”? -- Awesome, we both want the same things!


Okay, now that you know who I'm looking for, what kind of weight loss challenges you have and what you want to achieve, you’re probably wondering what I can do for you.


Well, lets just say I know you better than you think...

After I graduated high school, I worked full time, lived on my own and attended school full time. I packed on the weight quickly. I'm talkin' very quickly. I'll never forget the day I was out shopping with my girlfriend (who just happens to have my ideal body - oh, how I envied her flat stomach and toned thighs) - I saw myself in a full length mirror. What I saw absolutely disgusted me. I was in shock that that was ME!

From that point on, determined to get the stinkin' weight off, I tried everything:

  • Starve/BingeScreen shot 2013-12-18 at 5.14.29 PM
  • Body For Life
  • Eat-Stop-Eat (not eating for 24 hrs)
  • Eat only vegetables and fruit
  • Weight Watchers (brought back my obsessive behavior)
  • Fast for days (horrible)
  • Jillian Michaels Making the Cut Program
  • Work out for two hours straight
  • Work out 2x a day
  • Diet pills (made me shaky and unable to focus)
  • The Master Cleanse (liquid fasting for 10 days straight)

I searched for that “secret formula” all the skinny chicks knew. I truly believed that if I lost weight I would FINALLY be happy. Even if it meant destroying myself -- I even got a boob job, thinking that would do the trick (it didn't solve anything, big surprise).

It wasn't until I finally let go and started LIVING my life that my body started releasing the weight.

I’m the one who can help you because I have unique gifts...

Seeing what’s *really* holding you back: My clients say to me all the time, “HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?!?” I’ve worked really hard to learn how to tune in and listen to my intuition, to the point where I am almost psychic. I will be able to see through those superficial excuses and get to the root of what’s really going on.

Seeing what you’re truly capable of: Right now, you may or may not know this, but you have a clouded vision of what is possible for your health and body. All those failed dieting attempts are making it hard for you to see what’s really possible for you. I can see that, clearly, and we’ll go full speed into that direction. Together.

Figuring out how to make this work for YOUR life: Cookie cutter programs don’t work for a reason. When we work side-by-side, I’m able to see exactly what may be holding you back and how to detour around it.

Making sure you do what you NEED to do: I get it -- you don’t really need accountability; you get shit done. BUT all those diet commercials and girlfriends encouraging you to try the latest fad throw you off the Wildly Alive course. I will be here to make sure you don’t get fooled by that crap anymore and continue in the *right* direction.

Telling you the truth -- there will be nothing generic about it: You’ll hear nothing about fake sugar substitutes, supplements, or calorie counting apps. This is about working through those old beliefs that are driving you TO those superficial solutions. We’re getting DEEP, baby; you’ve never heard this stuff. Guaranteed.

Helping you understand that you can really ignore those fitness experts and nutritionists: (oh yes, I just said that) Because there are so many other creative, fun and exciting ways to lose weight. So say goodbye to meal plans, step-by-step formulas or easy guides.

Recognizing unconscious self-sabotaging behavior that’s keeping you stuck: Studies have proven that your subconscious runs 90% of your life (which is why traditional dieting does not work), so if you aren’t aware of what’s going on deep within your mind, you’ll never be able to make lasting changes. We address ALL OF THAT.


Tanuja Paruchuri


Meet Tanuja 

"I immediately felt motivated just from the check-ins alone. Motivated to go back to my good clean way of eating. And because I was eating better, I wanted to be more active and exercise."

... read Tanuja's entire story


If you’ve been nodding your head the entire time you read this page and your body is full of excitement, that’s a good sign -- keep reading.


Wildly Alive Weight Loss One-on-One is a 6 week highly customized program where together I will teach you how to lose weight, tone up, and thrive with energy. There is nothing cookie cutter about this, we start from scratch and design it based on YOUR schedule, YOUR life, and YOUR body.


You see when you invest in yourself:

You gain a newfound compassion and love for your body: I know it sounds practically impossible now; “What is there to love?” But with the tools you are given, will help shift this belief.

Life becomes less hustle and more flow: I believe that once you’re able to tune in and listen to your body life becomes easy (the way it’s supposed to be.)

You can reach those bigger dreams you haven’t dared tell anyone about: You know, those dreams you haven’t even told your best friend about. Those possibilities start to rise to the surface.

You’ll experience a newfound trust in yourself, your body and your unique path. Decision-making will become easier because you will be in touch with your deepest desires and where you want to go, even if it goes against what everyone else is doing (or what they think you should be doing).




This is a 10-day experience where we dive into what's *really* holding you back. Having a full understanding of all areas of your health, lifestyle and mindset will help me develop a personalized program for you (no one else)


Where we will:

  • Create your personal Wildly Alive Weight Loss plan and how to use that rare skill effectively.
  • Uncover what's blocking you and clear it right away in the session.
  • Set manageable goals along with a system to track your progress so you will stay motivated and confident on your way to the top.
  • Give you access to trainings specific for YOUR program. This could include workout videos, listen-and-go cardio mp3s, or educational training videos on healthy living, mental strength or diet & nutrition. We figure out YOUR needs first and create accordingly.


To make you feel 100% supported though this journey and where we'll strategize together on anything that may not be working well and any obstacles that may come up.



Why? So you do what you said you would and don't sabotage yourself. Self sabotage happens to all of us but with the right tools it doesn't have to keep you down for good. To "rewire" your mind for life long success we need to create what scientist call a "pattern interrupt."

So I will send you text messages/email reminders (almost daily) of the Wildly Alive plan and goals we put together to be sure this is the LAST weight loss program you ever do. 


I want you to know I am here for you through every step and obstacle. We'll figure out where you are struggling, get you over that sucker and continue to fine tune your Wildly Alive plan to fit YOUR life, YOUR schedule, and YOUR body. 


Item6You will also receive a free 30-minute wrap up call at the end of the 6 week program to anchor in the changes and get you feeling 100% confident in the lifestyle changes we have made. I am not a "one hit momma"; I care that you're on the right track and set up for success.

JJ Moss

Meet JJ

"I don’t know where I would be or what I would look like if it wasn't for Nichole... I get emotional just thinking about it. I was on a path of destruction with lots beer and junk food..." ... read JJ's entire story

Jody Anderson

Meet Jody

"This summer I plan on taking a trip to California and I will be wearing a 2 piece bathing suit once again. After I had my son a year ago I thought I would never wear a 2 piece bathing suit. And now with this great new body, I won’t be embarrassed when I’m walking on the beach." Jody's story


This is not for you if...

  • You think losing weight will happen overnight.
  • You give up easily and are not ready to commit.
  • You have a tendency to blame others or circumstances for your situation.
  • You feel like it’s easier to stay where you are at and are okay with settling for less.
  • You aren’t open to try a new, creative approach to weight loss.
  • You aren't willing to invest time or money in yourself.


But wait I got some more stuff for ya;

You know I am the queen of over-delivery! So I am giving you 3 free weeks to participate in my flagship program Wildly Alive Weight Loss.  Yep - we get even MORE time together; weekly virtual classes, check-in emails, private members website, secret Facebook group, and me coaching you in the group coaching calls!  Header_Members_Site

This Program Gives You Everything You Need to

Feel Wildly Alive Inside & Out -- Forever

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 10.27.57 AM

Trainings designed to show you how to create a life full of fun + adventure (so you don't need the cookies).

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 10.35.31 AM

Join the Wildly Alive Sisterhood where you can find support, motivation and connection 24/7.

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 11.40.56 AM


Weekly check-ins to keep you accountable (so you follow through)

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 10.29.00 AM


Courses dedicated to teach you how to eat so it serves your body, so you can thrive with energy (beer + pizza included).

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 10.42.14 AM


Move your body in ways you've never imagined. These videos will make you excited to move.

Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 11.47.59 AM


Weekly group coaching with me to keep that damn self-sabotage at bay.


Call Guidelines + Policy:

Must schedule 1st call within 30 days of purchase
24-hour cancellation policy or session is forfeited
No refunds


A reminder of everything you get...

WhatYouGetRecap (1)

Screen shot 2013-12-20 at 5.01.30 PM




Here is the deal - once you start to realize the wisdom already within your body, you'll start to feel just how the practice of listening to her (your body) and doing what is best for her allows you to be successful at getting more done with less effort. And how effortless weight loss can really be.

This is what living in partnership with your body looks like. When you live in partnership your body and operate with every tool that's naturally available to you, you experience your full potential.

Your health becomes the platform upon which you can design life with intention, passion and purpose.