In 2011 I got $30,000 in debt from a business program I joined, and it got me nowhere but in debt and angry. Today, I pass down the biggest lesson I learned from this experience and how this lesson could help YOU from gaining the weight back. Listen in.

Why your intention behind weight loss means everything

We did it! We had our first Wildly Alive Wednesday Coaching Call and it was awe-some. It felt so dang good connecting with you ladies that way, and I have a feeling you are really going to like this style of delivering the Wildly Alive message. Thank you everyone who showed up live — it really meant a lot.

If you didn’t make it no biggie, we have plenty more scheduled (check the schedule here). Hopefully you can join on of those soon. Either way, I’ll be emailing you the recordings every week and linking to a post like this, so you can “tune in” that way. That still means something 🙂

Check it out now and experience Wildly Alive Weight Loss like never before.



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I’ve been getting some feedback from the apology letter I emailed to you last week.  I want to address some of the feedback I’ve gotten from a few of you about me being too hard on myself.

I’m not upset by this – no way! I really appreciate when you give me feedback, because it gives me a great opportunity to tune inward and see what really is going on… and what I realized was pretty fascinating.

Truth is, this year has been crappy because I closed my heart, which opened up some old wounds from when I was hurt in the past… and now it all makes so much sense to me.


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In this coaching call, I give you the biggest $30,000 lesson that I learned. And I explain why you should take it and learn from it, so you don’t end up feeling stuck and angry like I was.

What I share in this coaching call:

*1:27 – A story about the hardest year of my life and how it left me $30,000 in debt and angry as hell

*5:45 – How I took that “mistake” and turned it into my biggest life lesson yet

*8:55Why you should learn from my lesson so you don’t have to worry about gaining the weight back

*10:20Why your *intention* behind weight loss means EVERYTHING (you don’t want to mess this up)


Topics that I coached on:

*14:07Wildly Alive sister, Alice wanted to know what to tell people when they ask her about how she lost the weight (and not get dragged into “diet talk”)

*18:04 – Kathy struggles with “all or nothing mindset” and if she has one slip up her whole days goes to hell in a hand basket. I gave her a loving smack down so she could stop sabotaging herself with the “Screw It to Save It” mindset shift.

*23:01 – Jenny feels like the missing piece in her healthy lifestyle is movement at work. She sits all day and she can’t get her butt up for the life of her. I give her a proven technique that’s worked for me and many of my clients in this exact situation.


Join us for the next call on Wedesday:

If you didn’t make it for this call I’d LOVE to see you on the next live call, and personally coach you.
Wildly Alive Wednesday coaching calls are every Wednesday (for the most part, please check the schedule).
8:30pm EST / 5:30pm PST.


Here’s the call in info:

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