Are You Ready To Lose Weight Wildly Alive Style?

(no grueling workouts, calorie counting or meal plans)

KickStartGuide I have to be blunt here —

I get so aggravated when smart, intelligent women fall victim to all those weight loss products, pills, extreme exercise programs, and infomercials taking over the media.

Why? Because I fell for almost every one, and they never worked; they just proved (once again) that I would be trapped in a body I hated forever. After what felt like my 100th diet, I was at my rock bottom:

  • I had spent $25,000 trying to lose weight and achieve that perfect body we see on TV (including a breast augmentation).
  • My late night food binges could no longer fill that painful void.
  • I couldn’t eat only vegetables and go on some hardcore exercise kick again.

I. Was. Done. I just gave up. I surrendered. And you know what happened? That “magic pill” I had been searching for showed up, and I bet you’ll never guess what it was… LIFE!!! You see, all those years I spent PUSHING, CONTROLLING and FORCING myself to just lose the freaking weight, I wasn’t LIVING my life. Between all the thoughts of self-hatred and constantly having to think and calculate, I never had time to actually live.

Surrendering and letting go finally gave me space to feel alive again...

Rather than limiting and restricting I started doing things I've never done before:

  • Camping
  • Hiking
  • Mountain Biking
  • Skiing
  • Motorcycle Riding
  • Snowshoeing
  • Traveling
  • Going out with friends (I thought you couldn’t be social and lose weight at the same time)
  • Laughing (I was too pissed that I wasn’t losing weight to have a sense of humor)
  • Relaxing (seriously, I never really did this)

Screen-shot-2013-04-16-at-12.13.53-PM I was ALIVE. I had never felt so free in all my life.

What I realized was I was having so much fun living my life (instead of being lost in my head), I no longer saw food as the enemy.

I lost any extra weight I was carrying around, and I found a place of deep compassion and love for my body (cellulite and all). And I want this for you — so I created this kick start guide... All you have to do is follow these 5 steps and watch the magic begin. You'll start to automatically and subconsciously start making healthy decisions. FOR REAL (this is not some sleazy scam. I have over 400 women who tested this and found success).

Here's how these 5 secret steps work:


Step 1

  Creating Room For More Abundance

Step 1 - Letting go of what's not serving you

There’s “stuff” like resentment, anger and grudges that are holding you back from the life and body you crave (whether you know it or not).

And decluttering this is THE FOUNDATION to make lasting changes. Otherwise you’ll just be creating more of the same.

You will feel like a new woman from all the energy you get from releasing these feelings from your body.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • I’ll share with you a very painful part of my life and how I healed from it (to prove I practice what I preach and that this works).
  • A writing guide to help you let go of your biggest resentments that are keeping you stuck.
  • An energetic tool to help you physically move the toxic energy from that event out of your body (so you can move on for good).

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.47.41 PMI loooooove the Creating Room For More Abundance worksheet

“At first I was printing it out every time I needed to use it. I finally just pasted it to the inside cover of my journal. I’m amazed by the things I learn about myself.

I went back & read a few of them & realized there was a theme. I was having the same resentments regarding different people! It really shed light onto my limiting beliefs so that I could work on transforming them.” - Gillian


Step 2

Turning Your Dreams Into Your Reality

Step 2 - Creation + figuring out what you DO want

So often as women we focus on what we don't want, which only brings more of that into our lives. I know you don't want that! Now that we cleared out all the “stuff” holding you back, it’s time to create.

To actually manifest what you want you need to get ÜBER clear on what you want.

This step is about creation. We dive into the details and let your imagination run wild in such an exciting way that you’ll start to attract what you DO want.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Getting clear on exactly what you want and which goals we should get started on creating now.
  • A manifestation technique that will completely change how you think about goal setting.
  • A simple way to program your mind to stay motivated.

Step 3

Making It Real NOW

Step 3 - Emotion infusion

Being stuck in the “I’ll be happy when…” or “When I lose weight I’ll ______” keeps you stuck, unhappy and discouraged!

In this step we get you living and feeling as if you already have your ideal body. When you FEEL that, and get emotion involved it sends a strong statement to the Universe ›› “Damn this woman means business!” ...and motivation becomes practically effortless.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • How to infuse those “living as if” feelings into your day in a fun and quick way.
  • A look into my dreams and how this tool has helped me create a life I couldn't even dream up it's so good.
  • How a 5 minute daily practice can transform your entire day.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 2.18.16 PM

It works on the subconscious which is essential for long term success

“I love the Making It Real Now assignment. I’ve done this in other groups I’ve been in as well. It’s so powerful because working on the subconscious is essential and visual things are so powerful. I did one with affirmations truths and images about how awesome I am just as who I am . . . sort of as part of the I Love Me homework which is also awesome..” -Leanne

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Step 4

Releasing Your Inner Wisdom

Step 4 - Letter from future you

Continuing off of step 3 this action will help address all of the fears and “BS” thoughts that come up as you are in creation mode.

Your inner wisdom will shine through and you’ll talk to that fearful voice that believes it isn’t possible for you.

Merely speaking to those fears is a great way to dissolve them and move forward. 

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • Creating your dream day and breaking it down hour-by-hour.
  • Figuring out how to overcome what can get you stuck.
  • A technique that will totally snap you out of the monotony of your everyday life and into the direction you want to go.

Step 5

From Resistance To ROCKING Out

Step 5 - Bouncing back

So often when we’re shooting for our goals, we self-sabotage and shoot ourselves in the foot.

Overeat, skip workouts, pick a fight, sprain your ankle, you name it. Anything to just prevent you from moving into that vision you've been creating.

This worksheet will help speak to the resistance so you can move through it with ease (drama-free).

Here’s what we’ll cover:

  • An explanation on why you sabotage so you can fully understand it (and find some compassion for yourself).
  • What to do when life feels like it’s actually getting worse, not better (which is totally possible).
  • How to use jealousy as a tool to move you forward rather than keeping you stuck feeling like a loser.

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 4.56.15 PMI realized I was being held back and how to overcome it

"I love the Creating Room For More Abundance worksheet it really made me realize that my divorce was holding me back. This assignment helped deal with moving back home with my family. I can’t fix them, but I can fix myself. This worksheet gave me the confidence to forgive my family and realize that my family is very loving.” -Shosh


Plus, two free bonuses to ensure success!

BONUS 1 - Be a Food LOVER & Lose Weight ebook:

4.5 stars on Amazon and 29 raving reviews, I would say this book is a HIT!

Do you believe the only way to lose weight is by restrictive meal plans, or depriving yourself of your favorite foods? Yep, I used to think that as well.

Having struggled with my own weight and self-image in the past, I was the epitome of a "dieting queen." I truly believed that restriction was the *only* way to lose weight.

But after what felt like hundreds of diets and never losing a pound (or if I did, I gained it back), I knew there had to be a different way.

To my amazement, I realized that losing weight was actually about LOVING your food, not restricting it. In my eBook I give you my step-by-step formula to lose weight (for good) by LOVING your food. Nope, it's not a scam; it's a PROVEN formula.

I now have 400+ women proving that the FOOD LOVER formula is the BEST way to lose weight.


BONUS 2 - When You Know What You "Should" Be Doing But Aren't ebook:


This book is rated with 5 stars on Amazon and 26 raving reviews, and women just can't seem to get enough of this innovative approach.

I hear this from my clients all the time, "I know what I should be doing, but I'm just not doing it. I just don't understand, why does this happen?" Sound familiar?

The answer lies in the fact that, as women, we tend to live by a false set of rules – rules that have been subconsciously fed to us since we were children. And as we become adults these beliefs are so ingrained into our minds that choosing something different feels impossible.

If you've tried every diet or exercise program out there and it never sticks, this is the book for you!

Here's a little recap of what you'll get:

  • A guide to help you set soulful goals.
  • A simple way to program your mind to stay motivated.
  • Five of my secret exercises that will help you shift your mindset (and the numbers on the scale.)
  • Two of my most popular ebooks, Be a Food LOVER & Lose Weight and When You Know What You "Should" Be Doing To Lose Weight But Aren't.

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More Wildly Alive Weight Loss Success Stories:

Diana Cachey



Diana ›› Wildly Alive Visionary

"Before working with Nichole I was more than forty pounds overweight and had every imaginable food craving. Sweets were my weakness... After completing her program I saw a difference in my sleep, mood, muscular tone AND I ran my first half marathon."


Leona Martin



Leona ›› Wildly Alive Intuitive

"In the past I would constantly beat myself up for not being 'perfect' when trying to lose weight... but not anymore. I feel good whenever I make a good choice and I even feel good if I make a bad choice. I don't let the slip-ups stop me anymore."

Katie Roaper



Katie ›› Wildly Alive Lover

"It's been more than two years since I first started working with Nichole and I have managed to keep the 65 lbs I lost with her off for more than a year with the tools and inspiration that she supplied me. She has truly changed my life!"

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Look, I know you have already spent a ton of money on other weight loss programs and diets.

The Wildly Alive Weight Loss Kick Start Guide isn't your typical program - nowhere near it, actually. This program is designed to "rewire" your dieting mentality so you feel confident around food (not restrict) and realize your body is your most trusted teammate (not despise).

Please hear me loud and clear -- you are not broken, too old, or have permanently  screwed up your metabolism. How are you expected to succeed when you were given programs that are unrealistic and set you up to fail? Wildly Alive Weight Loss is here to show you the *right* way to lose weight and keep it off for good.

I know it may seem easier to stay where you are, trying to "figure it out on your own." The truth is, you don't have to do this on your own. All your WAWL Sisters and I are here to help. We're right on the other side of these doors.

It would be my honor.


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