Your Body Isn't the Enemy.
Learn How To Quit Dieting Forever.

A 10-Day Weight Loss Journey Like You've Never Experienced

My client Diana was one of the 80% of Americans that had been dieting since she was 15 years old.

When she came to me 40 pounds overweight she felt lethargic, unmotivated and unattractive… And above all FRUSTRATED. What broke my heart, was that at 45 years old, she had been dieting for over 30 years, yet she still didn't feel comfortable in her own skin.

The beginning of our work together was really about Diana letting go of the idea that the next best diet would miraculously change her weight and her body image issues forever.

Once she discovered my Wildly Alive Weight Loss Process, she quickly realized diets

Looking to a external cues like a scale, diet or detox tea to make us skinny, or to measure our health is a recipe for disappointment.



Quit dieting forever.

Today, I can help you take the first step to having a body you feel proud of, and a lifestyle you’ve always wanted. I’d like you to join me on a 10-Day Experience.

The 10-Day Experience, is a self-guided DIY (Do It Yourself) course. Together we'll create your '10-Day Wildly Alive Weight Loss Plan' with meal options, workouts, and journaling assignments (to ensure you don’t sabotage yourself this time). We’ll customize it specifically for your body, your lifestyle and your schedule.

Once you’re ready to rock you’ll receive daily emails that to keep you on course. In ten days (yes, 10 days) you'll not only look leaner and feel stronger but you’ll feel lighter — inside and out. You’ll learn how to tune into your body's wants and needs so you can be healthy today and tomorrow.

It doesn’t matter where you are on your journey. Each day this program will guide you step-by-step on how to achieve the weight loss and self love you’ve craved for so long.

Let's get started.

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  • Waking up PROUD of yourself for all you have been accomplishing (No more waking up with a guilt-filled stomach aches because you over did it the night before).

  • Not owning a scale - and feeling good about it!!! You no longer feel like you need that number to tell you if you’re being “good” or not. You feel good. That’s all.that.matters.

  • Being able to actually look yourself in the eye and feel love <3 (no longer feeling anger, shame or disappointment every time you look in the mirror).

  • Looking forward to working out, because you can FEEL the strength you are building and that feels so.damn.good.
  • Feeling free to enjoy chocolate, a glass of red wine and ice cream without guilt or like you have to ‘make it up in the gym later’

  • Having a body that is toned, strong and sexy (without constantly stressing out about your workouts)

  • Never having to do a diet ever again...


This can be your life.


Today, I invite you to toss out your South Beach Diet books and the hundreds of workout DVD’s. Let go of the calorie counting apps or fitness trackers and discover a unique approach to weight loss that will ensure lasting results.

Whether you’re gearing up for a photo shoot, a reunion, a wedding, a trip, or you're just sick and tired of being out-of-shape and you want results without starving or spending hours on the treadmill, this program is for you.


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2 payments of $67

What's in the 10-Day Experience?



10-Day Intuitive Eating Guide

In just 10-days you will become the expert of your body. Your body will tell you if you should or should not eat Gluten. Your body will tell you if it needs spinach. The key is learning how to listen.

Here are a few of the topics covered in the guide:

›› How to listen to your body's subtle cues.

›› A process to figure out what foods don’t work for your body and how to avoid those foods you feel completely out of control around.

›› Where to spend most of the time in your grocery store and stock your kitchen

›› Example meal guides, recipes and suggestions...Did I mention that this guide also includes wine, chocolate, and dessert?

›› How to continue eating foods that work for your body after the 10-day program ends

›› Detailed answers to any of your intuitive eating questions that may come up during the 10-days answered by Nichole in the Wildly Alive Weight Loss Sisterhood.



10-Day Intuitive Movement Guide

Your body will tell you if yoga, pilates, going for a jog or using weights is the perfect way of moving for you. When you learn how to listen to and honor your body, you’re given a tool to sustain fitness for life.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this guide:

›› How to tune in and figure out which way of moving is best for you in that moment.

›› How to overcome lack of motivation and laziness.

›› Why exercising in excess is not the solution to your weight loss troubles.

›› Example exercise plans and suggestions, to keep you moving consistently and in ways that feel best for you and your body.

›› How to continue your ‘movement plan’  after the 10-day program ends

›› Detailed answers to any of your movement questions that may come up during the 10-days answered by Nichole


A Personal Wellness Plan

No more losing a few pounds, falling off the bandwagon and then gaining the weight back. You will have access to a video tutorial that will take you step-by-step through creating your own wellness plan. You will take what you learned from your two intuitive guides and put them into action. Take the guesswork out of what workouts to do or what to eat and when -- I got you covered.

Here's what you'll get as part of this plan:

›› One 30 - minute video tutorial that will help you create a complete custom plan built just for you.

›› Over 30 easy to follow nutritionally balanced tasty recipes.

›› Meal guides that’ll make cooking dinner quick and easy.

›› 4 workout videos that you’ll actually enjoy -- for real.

›› 2 stretch videos to promote relaxation and injury prevention.

›› Printable PDF versions of the workouts so you can do your cardio or strength workouts at your gym.

›› Listen and go cardio mp3’s to ensure you enjoy those cardio sessions.

›› Progress tracking calendar so you can clearly see your transformation happening in time.



Daily Self-Love Prompts

It’s time for you to love your body. You will have access to journaling activities and a variety of exercises that will change the way you see yourself in the mirror. Self-compassion, gratitude and forgiveness are essential practices to our weight loss journey.

Here’s what you’ll get out of these prompts:

›› How to look yourself in the eyes without feeling shame, guilt or disappointment.

›› Find peace and love for the woman you see in your reflection.

›› Feeling lighter and lighter after every daily self-love exercise.

›› Journaling exercises and forgiveness worksheets to help you process your feelings.

›› How to continue loving up on yourself after the 10-day program ends.



Support All Day Everyday


Here at Wildly Alive Weight Loss we believe in the power of community (aka Sisterhood). You’ll join a facebook group of like-minded women on the same Wildly Alive journey as you. You’ll find motivation comes naturally and incredible things happen when you have incredible women to lean on.


How does it work?

Step 1 - Use your Paypal account, or credit/debit card (Visa or Mastercard) to purchase this transformative self-study course. After you pay you’ll take all that excitement and celebrate with a booty dance -- no you can’t skip this!

Step 2 - You’ll receive your Welcome email including your entire 10-Day guide (Eating, movement and body love guide. Plus, workouts, mp3's, tracking calendar, etc.)

Step 3 - We get started A.S.A.P. setting you up for an incredible 10 days! Together we sit down and go through your ‘Set up For Success Checklist’. In this video tutorial I’ll help you determine when you’ll actually start your 10 days, along with putting your ‘Wildly Alive Plan’ together.

Step 4 - Once you’re completely set up you’ll start your 10 days. From there you’ll start receiving daily email prompts that will encourage, motivate and guide you through your 10 days to ensure self-sabotage doesn’t stop you.


You might be thinking, “Right. That sounds like a something an already fit chick like you would say. What about us normal people?” 

So I had some “normal people” test it out and here’s what they had to say...

 Natasha Natasha

"Through this program I realized that I actually do love my body. I am pretty confident in how I look (lumps, bumps and all) but you wouldn't know it by how I treat my body. My body doesn't let me down but I don't always look after it and give it the care and attention it deserves. I have started to take steps to fit more time for me and my body into my life."

Joy Joy

"I have developed a great appreciation for all my body does for me, and have really gotten in tune with how different food choices make me feel. For example one day during the experience I ate a cookie. I felt the sugar rush to my brain almost immediately (not been eating much sugar lately) and with it a strong desire to eat another, and another . . . and another. An addictive impulse which scared me so much that I backed away from the plate and never looked back. I didn't like how my body felt, but most notable - I KNEW how my body felt!”

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2 payments of $67
(Value $500+)

Is this 10-day transformation right for you?

I want to be sure we’re clear here — I don’t believe in the “quick-fix” mentality and that’s not what this is (nowhere near it actually).

You know, the kind of “quick-fix” stuff I’m talking about. All that outrageous and unreasonable sh*t people do as a means to an end:

  • ›› Hours in a steam room in sweats.
  • ›› Starving yourself.
  • ›› Cutting entire categories out of your diet.
  • ›› Hours of brutal workouts.

You won’t find any of that nonsense in this Wildly Alive Weight Loss Experience.


I'm not seeking women who...

  • Think losing weight will happen overnight.
  • Like the idea of mindless meal plans or diet pills.
  • Have a tendency to blame others or circumstances for their situation.
  • Feel like it's easier to stay where they are and are okay with settling for less.
  • Aren't open to trying a new, creative approach to weight loss.


We're a good fit if...

  • You are sick and tired of failing at losing weight and ready to quit dieting once and for all.
  • You're sick of thinking about food and your body constantly.
  • You’re open to exploring self-love and body acceptance.
  • You know it’s possible to enjoy moving your body on a regular basis if given the right tools.
  • You are willing to be open, authentic and real.
  • You have a sense of humor and don't mind a little sarcasm. 😉
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2 payments of $67
(Value $500+)


Valarie and Deanna were a great fit and look how incredible their experience was!

Valarie Valarie

"The WAWL experience really made me feel in control of my destiny and in tune with my body. It's so great to feel like my body and I are on the same team for once. It's easy to forget that she and I are one and the same -- this program reminded me of that"

Deanna Deanna

"I am feeling CENTERED. The mirror work is so powerful. Yes, I've bawled my eyes out talking to me and I realize that I have a lot of sacred business to do with myself. This program is NOTHING like I've ever seen before. I hate to even use the word 'program.' It's more like a tectonic shift of the psyche, and it's deeply spiritual. In the last two days my appetite for food is almost secondary to the inner work taking place."

Hold up -- I've got a pretty sweet bonus for ya

Because I know how much coaching can help prevent the self-sabotage and get you results quicker, you’ll get access to not 1 but 4 of my pre-recorded group coaching mp3’s where you’ll be given priceless tips, tricks and tools to help you stay motivated, and follow through.

My group coaching clients pay me $200 a month for weekly coaching with me and I’m giving you those recordings absolutely free.


Women Love This Unique 10-Day Experience - check it out!

Lisa Lisa

I enjoyed this experience a lot even though I’m not a very active person. The time I did spend learning from Nichole was beyond beneficial. I renewed my appreciation for health, good food, positive energy and fun! I learned to let go of things like Helga's bad self talk to move forward with my head high! All woman are beautiful and we need to appreciate that. I now see weight loss as a journey and not a destination. Thank you Nichole!!!

Georgia Georgia

I have always "hated" my body and never thought of all the positives it has given me until this program! I now love that I have stretch marks because they show I carried my son. I am beginning to love my body for all the things it has done for me thus far, and I now realize it is time for me to take better care of it and not listen to that nasty Helga voice saying I'm not worth it, because the fact is I AM so WORTH IT!! I got reminded through this program how great of a support system I have! I love me and will take better care of me!


I absolutely loved the experience! The idea of walking away from dieting was a big mind shift for me! I have spent so many years focused on restricting food that I found this thought unbelievably scary! I am continuing to implement the things you have taught us and have found the mirror work very transformational! Learning to listen to myself and be patient with myself has been wonderful! The whole concept of “Helga” is so fun and I have realized she raises her ugly head more than I like to admit! I would recommend this program to anyone and I love your energy and encourage Nichole! Thank you so much I really appreciated the opportunity!❤️


This program was great - I love the message you send out regarding positive body image, regardless of what body type or shape you might be in. I think women really need this. The messages women get from advertisement and media about having the "perfect body" are so dangerous and harmful. I believe your message and program will help many women. I'll be sure to recommend your program!

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 I can hear your questions now:

  • q-iconWhen do we actually start the 10 days?

    You start the 10 days when you feel is best, BUT I will be on you if I don’t see you’ve started within the following weeks. Yep, I can see that and will be watching you. I didn’t create this program to sit on your computer. I created it to get you results!

  • q-iconHow do I know when to start the 10 days?

    Right after you purchase we will begin exploring that. We go through a “Set Up For Success” checklist that will walk you through step-by-step how to ensure you actually follow through and complete this program. No more “fizzling out”!

  • q-iconBut will I follow through?

    This is one of the biggest fears that come up when women are considering the program. I get it – you’ve done so many diets, exercise programs, cleanses, weight loss programs, wraps, pills, you name it, and you always end up fizzling out and quitting.

    First off, please know — IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT. Truth is those programs set you up for complete failure. I mean, come on. Are they even realistic? Count calories, exercise like a freak, and/ or restrict yourself from your favorite foods, for the rest of your life???… Is that really sustainable for a long period of time? No way. Plus, there’s no solid support or accountability involved.

    The WAWL Experience is totally different — you have me and all your Wildly Alive sisters with you throughout the entire journey (and beyond)! Together we will see when the sabotage starts to creep in (because it happens to everyone), we’ll bust through that roadblock right on the call so it can stop holding you back and you can get back to feeling FAB again.

    I’m very active in the support forum, and you’ll get a ton of attention from both me and the sisters.

    I developed these different pieces of the program to address this exact fear. I want you to feel FULLY supported throughout this journey. Because, let’s get real — sometimes it can be tough. A good support system can help you rise above it all and follow through on your goals.

  • q-iconIs 10 days really enough?

    This is a legitimate concern so I have put a few things in place to ensure that what you learn during the 10 days, sticks.

    I didn’t want to tell you this because it’s kind of a secret bonus but we will have 14 additional days together. During this time will actually talk and I can coach you to ensure this lifestyle is something you continue with.

    I will give you some of my best tips on how to keep going, the last thing I want is for you to feel deserted… But that will be explained later on in the program once you start.

    Secondly, you can re-start your 10 days *as many times as you’d like* so you could easily make this a 20 day, 30 day, or 40 day program. Stretch out as long as you’d like to ensure you feel good “flyin’ solo”. Or if you feel good after the 10 days and down the line start to veer off again, you just re-start. It’s super easy and a great way to re-direct you into the path you really want to be going.

I know it can feel like there is NOTHING out there that will work for you, but I want to remind you of Diana. She dieted for 30 years, and she felt very much the same way... and you've seen first hand what this unique appoach to weight loss did for her.

It’s time to end the battle with your body and find the love you deserve…


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Here's a recap:

 Value $500+

2 payments of $67

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Lori Lori

The 1o-Day Experience really dove into my emotions, especially the forgiveness worksheet, but I am so thankful I did it! I learned so much about myself. I am so motivated now. I am so aware of the food I am eating and how much I am moving. I'm feeling so grateful now. If I can do it, then you can to. I loved this program.

Georgia Georgia

The Wildly Alive Experience helped me a lot.  It started me on the path of liking myself again an being happy in my own skin. I would recommend Wildly Alive to everyone. Nichole gets to the root cause of why you got to the place you are physically, emotionally, and spiritually. There is healing if you're willing to deal with the pain and hurt.  You can do this and I will continue to do this and get results.  Thanks Nichole!

I am so impressed with your methods and positive presentation of what we can all do for ourselves. I'm not giving up! I will continue with the WAWL Experience and move forward loving, forgiving and enjoying every minute.


Before this 10 days experience I would not have been caught dead in shorts or a sleeveless. This experience has been really emotional for me. After being told my whole life that tears are a sign of weakness I have learned that tears are ok. The tears has been a huge release for me. Doing the self love and forgiveness work has been a huge weight lifted. I know I’m not where I need to be with loving myself but I also know I’m not where I was when I started. I I’m will to do the work to get where I need to be. Needless to say I loved this experience.


The WAWL Experience for me was awesome and helped me to get focused on my goals to lose weight, eat healthier and get consistent with my running. I can honestly say that I'm doing all 3 now! Participating in your program helped me focus on giving myself grace, to be proud of my body, and honor each and every part!! My body is beautiful in its present state. This is the experience that resonated the most with me and your program. The truth isn't something I said out loud to myself often, but it was a requirement in your program. I loved the experience! Thank you, Nicole. You are an awesome coach!

Kelly Baker

I learned a lot on your ten day program. Self love is the most important message! I know that when I stopped the program, I lost some gumption and Helga took over some. My self motivation has always been poor and has gotten worse since I stopped playing sports in college. Having kids hasn't helped either! When I started this program, things were hard but it worked!  Thanks for the opportunity to taste your program. 

Kristina Mills

12743569_1285808868100891_6145626709098215739_n"I LOVE the positivity that Nichole exudes. It goes to all the women who join this program. It is not simply about losing weight, it's finding out who you are, accepting yourself, playing to your strengths, and honoring yourself.

This program helps you get over the "perfectionist" you who has to do everything just so or it seems like a failure.

You may very well know what to do, but do you have the support to help you do it - to encourage you when you're doing well, muddling along, struggling, or couldn't do what you hoped to or even made a choice to do or not do something versus a "healthier" choice in the moment.

What's great about this group versus other's I've experienced:
* No weigh in moments in front of a group making you feel like you have to starve yourself the night before so you weigh what you should
* No shaming
* No "musts" that suit everyone, and really suit not many.

You learn to trust your body, love your body, and love others more because you are loving yourself better. It is not a "diet". It is a whole lifestyle change that encompasses not only food and exercise - lots of fun exercises to choose from that make you happy, not stressed, or broke from the expense - as well as financial changes. (I know that when money gets tight, making healthy food choices simply due to the stress of it all becomes significantly more difficult.)

I'm so grateful to Nichole for all she's done for me through this program. I am loving and accepting myself more. My whole family's health is benefiting.

I'm seeing how my family responds to my attitudes for health. If I'm eating healthy and exercising, they are more encouraged to join in. They are excited about it because I'm excited about it. In a week and a half, my daughters and I all had our BP numbers go into a healthy range, where before, theirs was actually in a hypertension and mine was pre-hypertension. (They are fit, active children, but heart conditions and hypertension run in my husband's family.) In that same time, my husband's BP dropped by 20/10 points for diastolic/systolic.

I feel more loving toward my whole family: more compassionate, patient, and more in control even when things affecting my life are outside my control because I know that I have the power to choose how I respond.

I am so grateful for the loving environment that comes from Nichole as our coach. Her attitude affects the attitude of the group. This is not about judging ourselves, much less one another, but of loving ourselves and loving one another. It's the power of the "sisterhood" to encourage and build-up one another that helps overcome doldrums and look forward to the next part of the journey - no looking back except to see how far we've come. The sisterhood is a powerful way to help us set our minds on making positive life choices beginning today."

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