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I no longer use food to discipline or reward myself

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Making time for ME was incredible

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I lost 9.5 lbs in 6 weeks!

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I am no longer constantly thinking about food
and my body. It’s so liberating

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I wake up energized and refreshed every day.
I just feel good all the time!

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RisaI lost 30 lbs and feel less stressed and have more energy!

“I noticed less stress, more energy and happiness working with Nichole. The best part was being able to buy new clothes for work and then hearing my coworkers comment on how good I looked.

Nichole doesn’t pretend this is going to be a quick fix. She doesn’t claim that you won’t go backwards at some point or many points, but what really is amazing to me is that even when I started going backwards, there was an email, text or Facebook message, even after leaving the program, that reminded me to keep going.

In the past, even if I knew I wanted to do this, I didn’t know what workouts I could do, how to start small and work back into it. Or how much willpower it can take to keep yourself from eating that cookie. How to know what stomach grumble means feed me, and which means I am bored, sad or stressed. :)”:) AWESOMENESS!! -Risa

I have a freedom with food that
I haven’t had in 20 years

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I’ve lost 7 inches

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I noticed that my clothes were too big for me. I started feeling lighter in my body and in my thoughts.

“Before working with Nichole, I was living sort of a half-life, but I didn’t even realize it until now, because my life is so much better. I was doing something I loved, I had an amazing boyfriend and everything I needed, but I was not able to appreciate it because I was thinking “I am fat, I do not deserve this.”

My weight and my energy were a consistent problem, on workdays I wouldn’t plan to do anything because I thought that when I was done I’d be too exhausted to do anything. I felt overwhelmed.

I wasn’t happy. I always had this voice telling me “you don’t deserve this” and “it’s no use being happy now, something’s gonna happen and you’ll be miserable again.”

When I learned about Nichole, the only thing I was skeptical about was that she was in America and I in Scandinavia, so I wouldn’t be able to attend the coaching calls because of the time difference, but it actually worked out great. About 4 weeks after starting the program I noticed that my clothes were too big for me. I started feeling lighter, in my body and in my thoughts. It happened gradually but it happened, and I am so happy about that.If someone was on the fence about trying out one of Nichole’s programs, I’d tell them that it is SO worth your money. Actually I would have paid double.” -Vanja

I stop eating when I am full!

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This program makes sense to me -
I will never do a diet again

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I have tons of energy now. I feel alive again


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I have an understanding of my emotional habits
like never before and I feel I now have the power

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I take the stairs and don’t feel pain. I have so much energy


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Enrolling in this program was the best decision I’ve ever made

picBefore working with Nichole I used to think there was something wrong with me, and that I was not smart, beautiful, or capable enough.

“I was a bit overweight, and mostly dissatisfied about my life situation. I was in a constant state of anxiety and couldn’t get out of the cycle of eating junk food to comfort my feeling of emptiness and lack of ambition. My body and mind were stuck in a state of bitterness for not being the way I wanted to be. I also had a low self-esteem and always thought very little of myself.

The first thing I noticed was that after a few weeks of workouts and coaching calls, my body felt more clean, more elongated, eager and energetic. It was easier to be happy instead of bitter. It was not simply a matter of self-image, but a matter of taking responsibility for my own choices and having support to go through this transformation.

This program is very special because it addresses nutrition, exercising and emotions, so it’s the whole package. It is not just about sizes or numbers, but it’s about feeling open for change, instead of being stuck in the same place. Learning to make good choices and building the body you want.

Also, Nichole is a very special coach, because she shares her own journey with us clients, showing that it is possible to change your situation, no matter what it is. The fact that it is a long program is also an advantage because it introduces everlasting changes in small doses, allowing the process to be gentle.

My decision of enrolling in this program was the best decision I’ve ever made, and now I have the tools and the support to build the healthy and fit body I deserve. I feel completely responsible for my body and I treat myself with kindness and love.” – Gabriela

I actually crave healthy foods (which I never thought was possible)


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I now see LIVING as more important than the scale

Screen shot 2014-02-08 at 8.06.32 PMBefore working with Nichole, I felt like I was constantly fighting against my body. My energy was low, my sleep was bad, my weight wouldn’t budge, I was totally frustrated with trying. In my mind, the weight was the most important factor in my overall happiness or lack thereof.

I have two toddler girls, at the time I joined, they were one and two. I want to pass on every good thing to them. as hard as I was trying to be body-positive in front of them, my underlying attitude toward my body was one of resentment, and they don’t miss ANYTHING. I desperately don’t want them to grow up with this example of fighting constantly with yourself and never being satisfied with your body. I wanted better for them. And for me.

When Nichole suggested the program for me, I had a hard time buying that it would work. I mean, nothing else had (and I’d tried it all). So the idea of shelling out a chunk of cash for something else seemed… a little silly, to be honest. And self-indulgent.

The biggest, most important changes that I saw from the program were in how I listened to and appreciated my body. I wasn’t more than a few weeks in before I started noticing that my resentment toward my body was starting to dissipate. Slowly, it was being replaced by… appreciation? Then even affection? I’ve been given this amazing, strong body that does what I need and what I ask. All day, every day. My long-standing belief that weight loss would make me happy living my life? Pretty much gone. I realized that being happy living my life is what will make weight loss happen. So now I’m much more interested in enjoying this beautiful life I have than trying to make the scale do anything at all.

Nichole’s approach is SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. It seems like so many other things I’ve tried are about people who hate their bodies doing hateful things to their bodies in the hopes of developing a body that they suddenly love.

If someone I loved was thinking about this program but wasn’t sure, I’d tell them… Give it a try. It really is different. It really can be the last program you try. Can you imagine just living your life, without putting out all this energy fighting your weight? Fighting against that beautiful body? Can you imagine NOT cringing at the words “that beautiful body”? This is it. It’s worth the money. And the time. And SO MUCH EFFORT. I know money, time, and energy are not necessarily things you feel like you have a lot of these days, but if you find a way to make it happen, I am completely sure you won’t be sorry.


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I walk around feeling awesome


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My emotional eating is practically non-existent


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