Stefanie Nielsen Testimonial

Stefanie Nielsen

In her own words… “My mindset was actually fairly good before I started Nichole’s program – I’d done a lot of inner work previously. BUT I still found myself dipping down into negative self-talk in the afternoons and being really hard on myself.

Any time I did this, I noticed that I was way too hard on my body and lacked patience with my kids and husband. I also found that my business was suffering because I had a lot self doubt about being good enough. And as I’m sure you know, we aren’t wildly alive and living life when we approach it with a negative mindset.

When thinking about joining Nichole’s program, I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything to be honest – but there was a part of me that was gently saying, ‘Stefanie, you need to do this. Open up and receive this gift.’ And I’m so glad that I listened! I immediately noticed that I became more aware of the moments when I slipped into negativity and was able to reach out for support from Nichole and from all the amazing ladies in the support group.

About halfway through the program, I also started to be more engaged in my business, and I’m happy to say that I now have more clients than ever before!!  

My favorite part of the course is Nichole! Without her, none of it would exist. She is simply amazing. Her commitment to each sister in the course is unparalleled and inspiring. The course encompasses mind, body, and soul. It’s not one-sided!! It’s designed to support all parts of you and support you in creating lasting change.

This program can shift all areas of your life as you apply each lesson you learn.

This is a no-joke program! If you’re ready to commit to yourself and be open to the process – EVERY area of your life will benefit from the lessons and support that Nichole has put in place. If your gut is saying ‘yes’ – then listen.”

If you have any questions for Stefanie about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.

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