Robin Chapman Testimonial

Robin Chapman

In her own words… “Before working with Nichole, I felt like I was constantly fighting against my body. My energy was low, my sleep was bad, my weight wouldn’t budge, I was totally frustrated with trying. In my mind, the weight was the most important factor in my overall happiness or lack thereof.

I have two toddler girls; at the time I joined, they were one and two years old. I want to pass on every good thing to them. As hard as I was trying to be body-positive in front of them, my underlying attitude toward my body was one of resentment, and they don’t miss ANYTHING. I desperately don’t want them to grow up with this example of fighting constantly with yourself and never being satisfied with your body. I wanted better for them. And for me.

When Nichole suggested the program for me, I had a hard time buying that it would work. I mean, nothing else had (and I’d tried it all). So the idea of shelling out a chunk of cash for something else seemed… a little silly, to be honest. And self-indulgent.

The biggest, most important changes that I saw from the program were in how I listened to and appreciated my body. I wasn’t more than a few weeks in before I started noticing that my resentment toward my body was starting to dissipate. Slowly, it was being replaced by… appreciation? Then even affection? I’ve been given this amazing, strong body that does what I need and what I ask. All day, every day. My long-standing belief that weight loss would make me happy living my life? Pretty much gone. I realized that being happy living my life is what will make weight loss happen. So now I’m much more interested in enjoying this beautiful life I have than trying to make the scale do anything at all.

Nichole’s approach is SO. MUCH. DIFFERENT. It seems like so many other things I’ve tried are about people who hate their bodies doing hateful things to their bodies in the hopes of developing a body that they suddenly love.

If someone I loved was thinking about this program but wasn’t sure, I’d tell them… Give it a try. It really is different. It really can be the last program you try. Can you imagine just living your life, without putting out all this energy fighting your weight? Fighting against that beautiful body? Can you imagine NOT cringing at the words ‘that beautiful body?’ This is it. It’s worth the money. And the time. And SO MUCH EFFORT. I know money, time, and energy are not necessarily things you feel like you have a lot of these days, but if you find a way to make it happen, I am completely sure you won’t be sorry.”

If you have any questions for Robin about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.

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