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Here's my philosophy:

  • I believe that by having more *FUN* in your life you will lose weight and keep it off.
  • I believe simplicity is key to success (in all areas).
  • I believe by letting go you can achieve anything.
  • I believe in bubble baths, weekly massages and lots of journaling.
  • I believe health and beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.
  • I believe that dancing is the best form of cardio.
  • I believe you should laugh (out loud) every day.
  • I believe you can eat a cookie without an ounce of guilt (and have no desire for another).
  • I believe that feeling proud of your body while standing naked in front of the mirror (even when she's in her worst form) is the epitome of self love.
  • And I believe, more than anything else, that your body is your strongest ally, your wisest friend, and your deepest spiritual teacher... And by listening to it and loving it unconditionally you'll never feel struggle again.

I am living proof AND I want all those things for YOU.

And these are my clients, they:

  • Inspire me, motivate me and energize me.
  • ... understand we are a team. There is mutual respect and admiration.
  • They see my value and know they deserve investing in themselves (if need be, they get financially creative and make it work).
  • Are open minded and agree with my creative, "inside-out" approach to weight loss (they're over quick-fixes).
  • Have a sense of humor and are willing to let loose and have fun!
  • Accept me as I am. They appreciate my quirks, nerdy-ness and never expect me to be perfect.
  • Are super motivated; they don't let pesky slip-ups stop them.
  • Are ready to befriend their body and find unconditional love for it (no matter how scary healing that broken relationship feels, they know it can't be worse than staying enemies).
  • Love deep, introspective work and are ready to end the struggle FOR GOOD.

These are some of my clients and It'd be my honor to get you results like theirs!


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