Peggy Schiffner

In her own words... "I didn't have any energy. I was one of these people that would rather stay up until early in the morning and figured that I would get more done if I stayed up until 2am and then get up at 7am with the kids. I've had a couple of surgeries on my knee and so I was in a lot of pain. My body just ached. I felt like I was 90 years old, trying to walk around doing all these things, like raise these kids. I wasn't able to do the things I wanted to do with them.

I had a very poor quality of life because Perfectionist Helga would come in and say, 'I'm not good enough' and 'I'm not doing enough.' I didn't think very highly of myself at all.

This year I learned to love myself. I never did before because I didn't know how. I put all the post-it notes everywhere and all over my bathroom mirror. Every morning I get out of the shower and I make a little heard with my hands, put it over my bellybutton and I tell myself that I love myself and tell my body that I'm thankful for everything she does for me. I appreciate my body."

If you have any questions for Peggy about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.




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