Pain pushes until vision pulls – create a strong vision to end the weight loss struggle

Gosh I have felt so renewed the last few weeks, it’s been pretty awesome. I have truly and honestly been feeling more Wildly Alive than ever (not just trying to feel that way).I even made this little slide show of all the Wildly Alive fun I’ve been having the last few weeks.

Yeah, the majority of this year was pretty sucky but MAN I am so thrilled I have “seen” my lesson and am now moving forward. Feels so damn good to just focus on living my life from my heart, having as much fun as possible and not trying to control everything.

Hope you’ve been feeling Wildly Alive too lately. If you’d like some inspiration to channel your Graceful Hustler or Lady of Leisure more often (two very Wildly Alive ladies) – follow me on Facebook or Instagram.

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Spiritual activist Michael Beckwith says, “Pain pushes until vision pulls.” Wow. Yes. In today’s free coaching call, we’re diving deep into this topic and how to create a strong enough vision so that weight loss doesn’t have to feel so painful. Plus, baby Wyatt makes a debut to announce a bday special that actually ends tomorrow, so tune in.

What I shared in this coaching call:

*4:29The majority of us started our weight loss journey from a painful experience (seeing a picture, a doctor telling us we need to lose weight, no longer being able to fit in our clothes, etc) so now is the time to *forgive* ourselves and move into a better place.

*6:00 – Last week we talked about why your intention behind why you want to lose weight is sooo important and this is the next step to build upon that.

*8:14 – How exactly to create a strong enough vision so you stop the “pain.” I walk you step-by-step on exactly what to do, so you can move into that “pull”, creating easy weight loss.

*10:31Why putting an end to all this “body drama” needs to happen NOW. You have bigger, more important things to put your energy towards. Do this sister no more messing around.

Topics that I coached on:

*13:35 – Wildly Alive sister, Kathy wanted some advice on how to stopped getting walked all over by someone at work.

*20:25 – Kelly wanted some clarification about the Wildly Alive Quiz and needs help because she is doing EVERYTHING right (eating right, exercising, water – everything) and is not losing weight. I tell her the missing piece.

*25:20 – Joy was really hurt by her mothers nasty comments about her recent successes in being more fit and healthy. Ugh. This is no fun. If you can relate listen to what I told Joy (pssst forgiveness work is a part of the equation)

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