Merrilee McCoy

In her own words... "I had a relationship with food that was about treats. So if I was having a bad day, I got a treat or if I was tired, I would get a treat. I just felt tired a lot of the time, and like I was battling a lot. I was battling with what I was eating or what I looked like, and just constantly beating up on myself for every little mistake.

I was entirely skeptical whether this program would do anything to change me. I grew up watching my Mom doing diet after diet like, 'Oh, this will be the solution.' But it never was. Little did I realise that this program is basically the opposite of a diet - and it actually worked in a holistic way in my life.

Having Nichole and the other ladies in WAWL put so much support and belief in me helped me finally come to a place of love and respect for my body. I’d just relied on myself before and you can’t just get by on self-reliance all the time.

I took a before picture when I first started the program and took a couple more a few months later and I really thought, 'I have not done this perfectly at all. I’ve overeaten, I haven’t exercised at times; there’s gonna be no change...' and when I saw this 6-month progression, I just sat there looking at it for like 10 minutes. I couldn't believe it... Like, 'What? How do I look like that? Holy cow... I don’t understand.'

I think that if you’re at a point where you want a positive change in your life, then the program is going to help you for sure. You've just got to open yourself to that possibility."


If you have any questions for Merrilee about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.


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