Liz Laplante

In her own words... "Before I met Nichole I had zero confidence in myself. I barely understood the concept of self- love and I based my self-perception on what other people thought of me. I was depressed, completely stressed out and a total perfectionist. I felt lost and hopeless.

From the age of 11 I had been battling with eating disorders, from anorexia and bulimia to the other end of the spectrum with binge eating. I hated my body, the way it looked and felt. I felt victimized by my body. By the time I started working with Nichole I was addicted to chips and energy drinks. I had no energy and was soothing my pain with food.

Now after working with Nichole, almost a year later, I’m a completely different person. I feel confident and strong. I’ve learned that I don’t need to take on labels other people try to place on me. I know that a limiting belief can be flipped into a belief that serves me. My body is not the enemy, it’s actually my biggest supporter. I’ve learned how to silence “Helga” and let go of negative thoughts and beliefs. I’m much more grounded, relaxed and open to new experiences. Nichole doesn’t just give you weight loss tips, she actually helps you heal from the inside out. The work she does is absolutely life changing!

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