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Katie Roaper

In her own words… “Nichole has truly changed my life. Had I not been fortunate enough to find her, I know I would still be stuck in the same cycle of wasted gym memberships and failed diets. Nichole supplied the integral pieces that I had been missing for all those years – a friend, support system, and constant source of motivation.

Nichole knows what it’s like to struggle with weight and body image and she always had just the right words to keep my spirits high. My favorite part about working with Nichole was our 10 minute warm-up walk through my neighborhood when we’d get a chance to catch up and I could tell her about my latest struggles and triumphs. I’ve worked with trainers before, but never encountered anyone quite like her. Also, her workouts never get boring and she continually mixes things up. She incorporates so many different styles and has a very broad range of knowledge and experience.

I subscribe to Women’s Health magazine and am still amazed when I see a new featured workout and think, ‘I know how to do that! Nichole taught me that!’ It’s been more than seven years since I first started working with Nichole, and I have managed to manage my weight with the tools and inspiration that she supplied me. Like I said, she has truly changed my life!

If you have any questions for Katie about Nichole or Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.

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