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Kasie Roads

Kasie Roads

In her own words… “Nichole has the most adorable and feisty energy; it was a perfect mix for keeping me accountable and motivated.

Knowing Nichole’s own struggles with weight, diets and body image issues really built the trust I had in her program and made her seem more like a new friend cheering me along the way. Because I have never liked the gym and prefer to either be outside or work on my home routines, Nichole’s program was a perfect fit. Her videos are awesome and give a great variety to keep you challenging yourself. Best of all, you can use them on your own time schedule.

There are truly some priceless gems of wisdom in this program. Nichole goes where many trainers don’t go – away from the mechanics and into your head to dig into the emotions that may be holding you back from being your best. Because of Nichole, I was able to get the accountability I needed to push myself over the hump and well on my way to establishing some solid daily routines that I can use for the rest of my life.

Plus, I’ve lost 8 lbs!!!! Inside of me I know – truly without a doubt – that this was because of the work Nichole motivated me to do in dealing with the emotions and stress which were not serving me. I’ve always eaten well and loved to exercise, though since becoming a mom the week-long backpacking trips in Wyoming are long gone 😉 – but I discovered through her course that it was what was in my head that was keeping the weight on. This was truly a transformative realization. I still have lots of work and exploration to do – but obviously my body is responding!”

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