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Janette Holman

In her own words...  "About a year ago, I was spinning in the frustration of weight loss and beating up on myself. I always thought that I was smart and goal oriented, but this weight loss was the one thing that I just couldn't do. I have always been athletic and enjoyed exercising so I didn't understand the reason why I was getting in my own way. I blamed my weight issues on others and never looked at what I was doing to sabotage my own weight loss goals.

I lost weight with other programs, but the weight always came back on, even though I swore I wouldn't go back to 'that' weight, but I did -- every single time. Again, spinning in the same weight loss/weight gain cycle. I also noticed that points, measuring food, counting calories drove me into an obsessive behavior. All I would think about is that next meal and how many points or how many more calories I could have that day. I didn't enjoy the day. I just obsessed about food. With this program, my focus is on loving myself, giving myself good, healthy food and enjoying it.

I came across the Wildly Alive Weight Loss Program just by chance. I think it was the universe guiding me to a person and a program that made complete sense to me. I don't know if I was skeptical about the program because what Nichole said had made sense, really touched me and spoke to me. I decided to do the 21 day Get Moving Challenge. From there, I did the 3 month program and eventually switched to the Immersion. It was the best decision I have ever made for myself.

I noticed that I started to reprogram my thinking and my behaviors after the first couple of weeks and several phone calls. I would take notes and listen to the other sisters and their issues. I would think, 'That is what is happening to me' or 'That is what I do.' I didn't ever feel alone in this program.

My best friend asked me what I was doing to change like I have. She noticed my post-it notes in my cabinets, my refrigerator, bathroom and other areas in my home. She noticed a sense of peace and acceptance that I have with myself now. I told her that I have changed my thinking, my patterns and what I am willing to put in my body. I would tell anyone (and I have) that this is a journey to a healthier and happier life.

Wildly Alive Weight Loss is a total program and not a compartmentalized program that focuses solely on weight loss and numbers on a scale. I have grown in my wisdom about why I do things I do, and I have tools to help me through the tough times.

Thanks Nichole, for this wonderful journey!"

If you have any questions for Janette about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.




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