I’m back from volunteering

HEY! I know it’s been awhile, I’m finally back from Volunteering in Costa Rica and am now getting back into the groove.

To say the trip was easy would be lie.

There were times where I felt so good, and then there were times of complete insecurity. Where I felt extremely vulnerable, and on the verge of breaking. Times of gratitude, hope and potential, and times of regret, hopelessness and loss.

This can’t be right, helping should feel good, right? I thought to myself.
I started questioning EVERYTHING.
It was so easy to point out what was wrong and how it could be better.

I got angry and frustrated. Then not long after I let go, relaxed and laughed.

To say I felt all the emotions is an understatement.

But as I sit here rummaging through these emotions and reflect back, I call forth compassion, and truth rises to the surface.

“Trust Nichole, trust. Love will prevail.”

Yeah this trip wasn’t perfect. I wasn’t perfect. The people weren’t perfect. The community wasn’t perfect…

The WORLD isn’t perfect.

But honestly, why do we want that so badly?

Perfection is a figment of the imagination, and leaves no room for contrast… and contrast is what makes life bright and beautiful.

Think about it – White wouldn’t look so bright it if wasn’t for the complete darkness of black.

Sometimes it’s the deep sadness that makes us appreciate those times of pure happiness. And sometimes it’s seeing so clearly what we DON’T want that drives us so fiercely into what we DO want.

So, I’m relaxing into the contrast. Relaxing into the all the imperfections and using that as my compass.

I invite you to join me — lets buckle our seat belts and enjoy this wild ride called life.


P.S. Next week we’re back to ‘Wildly Alive Wednesdays’ where I host weekly free coaching calls so I can coach YOU. It’s gonna be a good one — you should def come! I’ll be telling you all about my trip and how I managed to keep my face out of the pan of brownies despite being on an emotional rollercoaster! Get all the detail here.

I’ll send out a quick reminder next Wednesday, but pop that appointment into your schedule now so you don’t forget (6:30pm PST/8:30 EST).

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