How your skin problems could be your greatest gift

Okay, whoa. Last week on Facebook, I asked you what your skin frustrations were. The response was overwhelming. I had no idea that we were all in the same boat. You see, my skin is a pretty sensitive subject for me, because I’ve struggled with it for along time.

During the past year, I shifted a few things in my lifestyle and my diet that has resulted in the best skin I’ve ever had. I mean just check out my “before and after” pic (to the right). The skin around eyes was always a place of embarrassment, and honestly had lost hope that it could improve… But staying consistent with these little shifts has TOTALLY PAID OFF! I’m still in a bit of shock myself.

In this free coaching call I wanted to share with you all that I have done. And no, it’s not some new fancy face product line. These are small, practical things that have resulted in huge changes in my skin.

You’re welcome 🙂

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Truth is, my skin is a really sensitive subject. I've struggled with it most of my life. During the past year, I've made some subtle lifestyle and nutritional shifts. As a result, I feel proud of my skin, for the first time ever!

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What I shared in this coaching call:

3:00 – Don’t let “Helga” use this info as a weapon against you.

4:26 – How your skin problems are actually a gift… Yes, a gift.

5:37 – 3 common skin problems and what they mean.

12:00 – Exactly how to find the gifts in YOUR biggest skin issues.

15:00 – 6 things I have been doing consistently that resulted in the best skin I’ve ever had.

Topics that I coached on:

29:45 – Wildly Alive sister Melissa has acne break-outs around her period. Find out what I suggested.

35:09 – Berline gets rashes from the sun. I had a few ideas for her.

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