"AHHH the Halloween candy! I can't control myself around it at night - HELP!" Sound familiar? Listen in and learn how to not eat the 5 pound bag in a night (I'm not going to tell you to just get it out of the house). I'm going deep, as always so you don't have to worry about this every year.

How to stop eating sugar at night

Hello Livelies,

I just wanted to thank you again for the outpour of love I got from the ‘Pay What You Can Week’ that I offered last week in light of my birthday.

I’m still blown away by how many of you not only signed up for one of the offerings, but also reached out to express your gratitude.

It’s been an incredible experience. I’m beyond thrilled to have so many of you experience working with me more deeply. Buckle your seat belts baby, it’s gonna blow your socks off.

And for those of you who didn’t sign up, don’t feel left out. I’ve still got some good stuff for you, too! Have you made it to the free coaching calls that I host every Wednesday? You should come if you can, I’d love to personally help you that way (details below).

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“AHHH the Halloween candy! I can’t control myself around it at night – HELP!” Can you relate at all? Listen in to today’s free coaching call recording and learn how to not eat the entire 5 pound bag of candy in one night (and I’m not going to tell you to just get it out of the house).

This is where I don’t agree with my nutritionist, personal trainer or weight loss colleagues. I’m going deep, as always, so you don’t have to worry about this every year. I’m all about giving you practical tools that get to the root of the problem, for lasting results.

How to stop feeling like a crazy lady when sugar is around.

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What I shared in this coaching call:

* Why the advice “just avoid the junk food, holiday parties, or Halloween candy” is keeping the weight on.

* Exactly how to sit in front of your most tempting foods, on the worst day of your life, surrounded by the people who annoy you the most, and not eat your face off.

Why I believe cravings are AWESOME (not evil) and why you should too.

Topics that I coached on:

14:00 – Wildly Alive Sister, Connie needed some advice on how to shop for clothes. She usually leaves upset and disappointed in her body. It’s not working.

20:12 – Melissa has been feeling really guilty because life has been so hectic. She hasn’t made any time for herself. She doesn’t even know where to begin.

Join us for the next call on Wednesday:

If you didn’t make it for this call I’d LOVE to see you on the next live call, and personally coach you.
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Here’s the call in info:

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