Gillian Darling Testimonial

Gillian Darling

In her own words… “I joined up to Nichole’s program after being on a bit of a weight loss plateau and I couldn’t really get going again. I was really having a really hard time dealing with stress. Whenever I would get stressed out, I would stop taking care of myself.

I liked that this program proposed a lifestyle change rather than a diet. It always seemed obvious to me that diets are not addressing the real issues, and it seemed like this program offered that missing piece.

I have never done an online program before and I didn’t really understand how it would work. I was worried I wouldn’t be able to stick with it because it’s not in person, but having things like the weekly coaching calls really helped me get through. I could call in and say what I was doing right or just, ‘Hey, I’m in a slump’ or ‘I need help with tweaking this part of my life.’ The calls were essential to my success.

This program works on every aspect of your life. I learned a lot of skills that are important in order to take care of myself and live a happier life. Go for it!”



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