Ellen Ercolini Testimonial


Ellen Ercolini

“Before working with Nichole, my physical experience was very unstable: a lot of mood swings and major sugar and caffeine cravings. I was also taking a lot of naps, though I still felt tired most of the time. I also felt overweight in a way that seemed very finite, like it would never change.

Since working with Nichole, my emotional understanding of myself and my body, habits and patterns has been broken wide open, like I feel like I understand myself in a way that I never really did before — especially my understanding of my eating habits. 

Wildly Alive Weight Loss is different because it teaches you how to understand yourself and how you work and how to unravel some of your emotional patterns and treat them rationally. With Nichole’s help I can really get to the root of what’s going on and fix that underlying issue, rather than just fixating on numbers or calories.”




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