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Diana Cachey

Diana Cachey

“Before working with Nichole, I was more than forty pounds overweight + had every imaginable food craving. Although I was always high-energy, my pattern of buzz, fast, then crash-burn took its toll on my joints, sleep, weight loss, moods. Physical + emotional pain was always present. I ate to comfort it all. It frustrated me. Stressed me. Ruined my self-esteem.

Soon after beginning her program, I saw a difference in my sleep, mood, muscular tone and more. Although I was athletic in other areas, I couldn’t even run around one block my entire life. However, incredibly, within the first year working with her, I trained for and ran a half-marathon through the Napa + Sonoma valleys. Her belief in me was the primary factor in my success. I finished with above-average time too!

The most important thing she gave me was the ability to love myself throughout the process AND to love my body. This is a priceless gift that I resisted her on for years! But she never gave up on me! She is truly a magical force of love, guidance + encouragement – the best coach I’ve ever had. Yes! Ever!”


If you have any questions for Diana about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.



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  • Hannah

    Reply Reply January 8, 2017

    Hey I am so excited to get started on January 9! I literally can’t wait! I have a Question? How do I do the start up packet and send it to you?

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