Christine York Testimonial

Christine York

In her own words… “Before working with Nichole, my life was like a rollercoaster ride because some days I really felt good about my exercise and eating habits and then other days I would fall victim to being a ‘nervous eater.’ I found that my addiction for sweets would peak when I was feeling anxious or sad.

I was consistently disappointing myself. I remember waking up in the morning and laying in bed thinking about what I did to damage my body the day before and what I could wear to cover it up today. My issues were slowly beginning to prevent me from being the mother, wife, sister, and friend that I really wanted to be. Deep inside, I just wanted to love life and live each day to the fullest but didn’t know how to overcome the hurdles.

I was a little skeptical about joining her program because I really thought that I was already doing all the right things, and that I knew everything Nichole was going to try to teach me! (I was  so WRONG!!)

As soon as I started the program I was very intrigued. By the third day I was hooked. I became more organized than I’ve ever been. Nichole is so darn organized, it rubbed off on me quickly. I also wanted to make sure that I did my homework and took notes on the calls because I knew that this information was life-changing and I’ll refer back to it often.

Nichole is so genuine and she really tells it like it is. Her coaching calls were a lifesaver. There were times when I couldn’t figure out what my issues were, but SHE DID and she called me out on them. It was exactly what I needed! Sometimes, it just felt like I was talking to my best friend.

The most important thing that I noticed after starting the program was my attitude towards myself. I love me. I’m not perfect everyday, but I really like who I am and I want to do good things for my body. I want to nourish it with the fuel that it needs, and I want my body to know how much I appreciate all it does for me!

After about 4-6 weeks with the program, I remember being at the gym and getting a glimpse of myself in the mirror and said ‘damn, my legs look amazing.’ The muscle tone in my legs is amazing. That was the first time that I looking at myself as a strong, attractive woman.

Nichole’s program is very unique! I love it because she taught me how to overcome my food addictions and become a Food Lover and really enjoy what I eat. The support system is awesome! What other program can you count on for 24/7 support? The ladies in the program know what you’re going through, because they are or have gone through the some of the same experiences. These are amazing women.  Yes, strangers in the beginning, but before you know it they somehow become your best friends and ‘sisters’.  Their honesty and willingness to offer support/advice and share personal experiences is such a wonderful part of the journey. You get to know women from all over the world, and they’ve truly had such an impact on me that I know we’ll be sisters forever.

This was the best investment I’ve made for myself. I will use the information that I learned for the rest of my life!  Diet is a word that I never use anymore and will never have to use again. Learning to love the body that you’re in and allowing yourself to be the best that you possibly can is simply priceless!”

If you have any questions for Christine about Nichole or about Wildly Alive Weight Loss, you may email her.

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