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OMG right?

This trip has been the most incredible experience of my life and yet we had so many people insist we not go because fear of Ebola (which is SOOOO far away from where we were (Africa is GIGANTIC)).

If we would’ve fallen into the medias fear based be-afraid-the-world-is-a-dangerous-place or materials-mean-everything-buy-buy-buy mentality we wouldn’t have…

I highly encourage turning off the news that’s subconsciously planting fear into your mind, stop reading magazines that leave you feeling “not enough”, and turn off TV which makes you feel like you need to buy more “things” or  be skinnier to be a good person.

Just go out and LIVE your life to the fullest! Being someone who bought into that crap for years, I can tell you this way is SO MUCH BETTER!!!

Nichole Wurth (<–ahhh)

P.S. I’m not saying you can’t own nice things or strive for a healthy body. Just lead your life with the goal of feeling as much damn love and having as much damn fun as you can possibly muster. That should be your first priority and the other things actually take care of themselves (for real, this trip to Africa is proof).

P.P.S. ‪#‎wildlyalive‬ baby!!!

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  • Paul

    Reply Reply December 7, 2014

    Ahh I’m so jealous!! Your so georgeous!! What a very lucky guy!! Great pictures, Africa looks beautiful!! Hope you had a great time!!

    • admin

      Reply Reply December 11, 2014

      Thanks Paul 🙂 And we had an AMAZING TIME

  • Diana

    Reply Reply December 3, 2014

    PS tears, I always key at weddings!

  • Diana

    Reply Reply December 3, 2014

    Aloha! Had a feeling…. I’m usually right too. Couldn’t be happier for both of you. So amazing! Love you, diana

    • admin

      Reply Reply December 4, 2014

      Thanks Diana – LOVE YOU MISS YOU!!!

      Lets get together soon?

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