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Failing is essential to your success

I’m feeling some shame and disappointment as I write this… But I am also learning some very valuable lessons right now that I think will help you. I don’t want to go into the drama of it all, but let’s just say my taxes for ’11 and ’12 were done completely wrong and I’m now…

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Workout For Busy Moms

Last weekend while I was skiing I had my very first collision — and yes, it hurt. I honestly have no idea what happened but all of a sudden I was merging into another woman, YIKES! I hit the ground, hard (thank goodness for helmets), my skis went flying and my poles were temporarily missing……

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Look, I know how hard it is to be happy with yourself when life doesn't pan out quite like you wanted. So in this video I show you a technique that totally shifted my own unhappiness with myself and my life. It's a GAME CHANGER!

What to do when life is bumming you out

I gotta ask ya, how often does your mind (aka Helga) say something like this: This ISN’T the body I want. This ISN’T the job I want. This ISN’T the house I want. This ISN’T the life I want. … More than you’d like to admit? I TOTALLY get it. For YEARS I lived in…

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How to relax and release unwanted weight

OMG have you ever went snowmobiling? Well, I did it last weekend… All I can say is those things are a little scary! This could be because I had to ride on the back with my crazy, adrenaline junkie boyfriend driving (who’s never ridden before). But, I have to say, even though my heart was…

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How to stop anxiety- 1 simple tip

When I was struggling with my weight and self image I thought the only way to lose weight was to basically kill myself during my workouts; PUSH HARDER, sweat MORE, GO-GO-GO!!! Well guess what, I did too much of that and it kept the weight on. The foundation to lasting weight loss is about relaxation…

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Are you making this weight loss mistake?

This sentence drives me bonkers –> “I’m not losing weight.” Now, I know what you are thinking, “It drives YOU crazy Nichole? It drives ME crazy that I can say that truthfully!” But hear me out for a minute… When a woman says this to me, more likely that not, it means she is making…

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Why I stopped setting New Year’s resolutions

Here we are, 3 full weeks into 2014 – so how are those New Year’s resolutions coming along? Well, if you had a little twinge in your stomach as I asked that question, this is for you. Though resolutions seem like a really positive thing to do in your life (I get it – I’m…

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Family stress — how to deal

Can I get real with you? My family used to stress me out like CRAZY (like run to the pint of ice cream kind of crazy)! Especially around the holidays. Ya feel me? If so, I have something pretty awesome to share with you! A few years back I heard about this tip from a…

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In 2011 I was DEAD BROKE around the holiday season. I was depressed and down because of it, but with some great advice I figured out a way to stay in the holiday spirit. Check out this tip!

Holiday weight loss tips (release financial stress)

Hey Love, Okay before I get into a topic I’m pretty passionate about check out my baby bump! Holy cow this baby is growing  fast. I’m 26 weeks (a little over 6 months). [Warning: I was fired up while writing this] BUY! BUY! BUY! LAST CHANCE! BIG SAVINGS! Yuck. This doesn’t make me feel good at…

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Holiday weight loss tips – how to stop eating so much

(Transcript of video) ‘Tis the season to be stressed. If the holiday season tends to be more stressful for you than fun, stay tuned… Alright, so today’s simple weight loss tip during this crazy holiday season is all about getting in the mood. Lifting your spirits with decorating your house.   This sound so small…

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