After being in the health and fitness field for over 10 years, and working with over 400 clients one-on-one, I have mastered the weight loss "formula" (and it's probably not what you think).  Below are my best products and services to lose weight, the Wildly Alive way!

You won't find any talk of counting calories, good food, bad food or willpower inside any of my trainings because I want you to understand exactly how to lose weight WITHOUT those things.  

Wildly Alive Weight Loss is about fun, freedom and adventure. Pick a program below to get started, and I'll see you inside.



12 Week Group Coaching Program

Wildly Alive Weight Loss is a 12-week group program that gives you unrestricted access to virtual online classes,  coaching, and an exclusive sisterhood community to teach you how to lose weight without restriction, struggle, or hours at the gym.

I created this program so you can stop torturing yourself with diets and extreme workout regimens.  By the end of the program, you'll transform your relationship with your body, exercise and food -- forever. Think about how it would feel to be excited to get dressed every morning, craving movement, and no longer restricting yourself from foods you love.

Start feeling Wildly Alive now!


6 Weeks One-on-One

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  This is a highly individualized and personally catered program created specifically for YOU. Your schedule. Your body. And your needs. It's just you and me, baby.  This is a great option for you if you feel you do better in a one-on-one type setting than a group atmosphere.

Basically, if you want quick results and need some personal guidance from someone who has been there -- this is your chance!

Get 1:1 support + accountability


10-Day Experience

The 10-Day Experience, is a self-guided DIY (Do It Yourself) course. Together we'll create your '10-Day Wildly Alive Weight Loss Plan' with meal options, workouts, and journaling assignments (to ensure you won’t sabotage yourself this time). We’ll customize it specifically for your body, your lifestyle and your schedule.

Start your 10-Day Experience today! 

Weight Loss Kickstart Guides

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These guides are designed to work on what REALLY MATTERS -- your mindset... Because if you don’t address your mindset, you’re setting yourself up for complete failure. This is what all other programs out there are missing.

This is a great kick-start into lasting weight loss... And I guarantee you've never seen these tools before! No treadmills, meal plans or extreme workout regimes.

This is a good option for you, if you dig my video blogs and are open to learning more about my style to see if we're a good fit (without a huge financial commitment).

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