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Introducing The Wildly Alive Weight Loss Coaching Program a unique weight loss approach designed specifically for mothers, and ambitious women, created to help you slay your 3 p.m. chocolate cravings, end your dependence on diets and free you from the scale, shame and overwhelm so you can slim down and feel alive again.

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Does this sound familiar?


Half the time I’m doing fine…until my face hits a package of Oreos and I have no idea how to climb out.


“I can’t go to the gym until I lose some weight first.”

I can’t keep chips, ice cream or peanut butter in my house…I know I’ll eat them all in one sitting.

“Sex with the lights on? NO WAY!”

“I can’t wait until winter when I can layer and hide this fat.”

“I avoid restaurants and parties because I'm not sure what I'll be able to eat. Thanksgiving literally terrifies me.

I hate my body, and believe my life will be totally different when I lose ‘X’ lbs. I just want to lose weight already!




This was how I felt for YEARS. I spent $15,000 on personal training school, $8,000 on a breast augmentation and who knows how much $ on countless diets, just so I could find that “perfect body”, that I never was able to attain.

I finally threw in the towel and said, "screw this — I'm gonna enjoy my life (sex and ice cream included) and I'm not gonna let my body hold me back any longer!"

I learned to start thinking about my body and food like a normal person. Someone who doesn't struggle each day with her weight watchers calculator only to end up licking the salt off her fingers later that evening from inhaling an entire bag of salt and vinegar chips.

Hi, my name is Nichole, former perfectionist, calorie counter, obsessive type-A, and exercise addict, here to show you how I actually enjoyed the process of losing weight (and have kept it off) without obsession, stress or manipulation.


Since 2006 I’ve helped thousands of women heal from emotional eating, and body shame while transforming their lives through the Wildly Alive Weight Loss philosophies. As a former personal trainer and someone who’s struggled (hard core) with her own body I finally realized that losing weight for the long term wasn’t about taking away (restricting) from your life but ADDING to it.

Adding more love, more joy, more smiles, more relaxation, more excitement and more fun, so you wont want the food to make you feel those things... And then, your body naturally comes into balance.

Today, I want to help you too.
But first, I want you to ask yourself one question.

What If You Stopped Treating Your Body Like It Was Another Thing On Your To-Do List?

You are a busy woman with big dreams. You have pushed hard all your life, never forgot a birthday, succeeded on every test, been a leader in your industry and always been there for the ones you love. You set goals and you reach them. However, your hard work, and never ending busy schedule is starting to catch up to you and showing up on your body. You are tired, your skin is dull, and you are gaining weight.

You may have always struggled with your weight, or like me, gain it later on in life. Doesn't matter. All that you know is the struggle is real, raw and disappointing right now.

Like most things in your life, you thought you could approach your body as you had your other life goals. You thought you could get up earlier, focus intently and!

You work harder and harder, diet after diet, make more lists, set more goals but still catch yourself in front of the TV binging on Netflix and gulping down Red Wine to relax from your hectic day.

Grit Is.Not.Working.

You don’t want this life anymore. You want an energized, satisfying, life—not a donut filled, overworked one. You want to wake up with energy and have time to savor the sunset (occasionally with your favorite glass of Sauvignon Blanc). You want to naturally gravitate towards foods that *love you back* and crave moving your body regularly.

You’re sick and tired of will-powering your way to every goal. You’re just ready for it to be easy already.

You are ready to let go of the over-crowded calendar, crash diets and extreme workouts that leave you feeling deprived. You can see yourself healthy, happy and alive with boundless energy, but at this moment, that reality feels impossible.

That reality can be yours...

This Could Be In Your Not So Distant Future

  • A diet-free life -- FOR.EV.ER
  • Never having to count another calorie, point or gram (can I get an amen?!?)
  • Catching your reflection and thinking… Wow. I am radiant
  • The ability to stop at one cookie, one serving of ice cream or a handful of chips
  • Never having to do another crazy-intense workout
  • The confidence to whip up a delicious meal in 30 minutes or less
  • The freedom to enjoy chocolate, bread and cheese without feeling crazy
  • Actually looking forward to working out

And Some Unexpected Results...

  • Better relationships; with your spouse, children, parents and friends
  • Deeper connection to something higher than yourself
  • Less stress, overwhelm and sadness
  • Easy ways to get organized, so you have time for the things you thought you were too busy to enjoy
  • Feeling sexy and feminine

It may feel like a dream, but it’s more attainable than you might think.

Introducing the Wildly Alive Weight Loss Program, a course for ambitious women who are ready to throw out the old, obsessive dieting model and are ready to lose weight and find freedom. Forever.

Wildly Alive Weight loss is a 12-week group coaching program that gives you unrestricted access to virtual online classes, live interactive coaching and an exclusive, sisterhood community to teach you how to lose weight without restriction, struggle or hours at the gym.

I created this program so you could stop fighting with your body and you could finally become friends with her.

Our curriculum is based on giving you the very best tools, topics and teachings on how you can live a Wildly Alive life and take care of your body. Over twelve weeks, you’ll receive audio lectures on various topics that all stem from 4 foundational weight loss pillars: Mindset, Lifestyle, Food and Movement.

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You’ll get weekly classes to listen at your own pace:



Mind Play Class

If you don’t address your mindset you’re setting yourself up for complete failure -- this is what all other programs out there are missing.

Tony Robbins says, "Change is 80% mental and 20% mechanical." With these words in mind, we’ll dive deep into that self-sabotaging little (you-know-what) in your head and kick her to the curb so she'll never stop you from moving forward again! Over time we’ll  “rewire” your mind for weight loss success.

What you'll learn...

  • How to stop running around like a crazy lady and shift into feeling grounded and present even when deadlines are on the line.
  • Why indulging in wine, cheese, chocolate and bread are imperative for shedding the pounds.
  • Proven strategies to put an end to your obsessive, perfectionist ways and finally being able to relax for goodness sakes.
  • Coming to terms with your sadness and shame so you can use it as fuel to propel you forward.
  • The exact strategies for overcoming that feeling of being a bottomless pit. Hint: just telling yourself “stop eating, stop eating, stop eating” over and over has never, and will never work for you.
  • The biggest mistake every ambitious woman makes when it comes to eating AND exercise, and how to reverse this bad habit, even if you’re super busy.
  • How to make decisions around food without “rules,” “control,” or a diet to follow (i.e. how to make “healthful” choices around food without obsessing or thinking too much).
  • The fundamental flaw in most diet-programs, and the simple mindset shift that will guarantee this is the last weight loss program you’ll ever take.

Wildly Alive Class

When your lifestyle is out of sync with your desires, moving forward feels like constant WORK. Like something you have to always be constantly thinking and obsessing about. But when you get your lifestyle in line with your goals, with tiny little shifts, reaching and attaining weight loss feels totally do-able.

In these classes, we’ll take a look at your lifestyle and where the gaps lie, so you no longer fill them with food and instead with nourishing experiences, leaving no room for emotional eating!

What you'll learn...

  • Why women have stopped having fun, and why getting it back into your life is so very very important.
  • Exactly what you need to do to create an adventurous, relaxing, meaningful and crazy-fun life. Step-by-step and completely sabotage-proof.
  • Why your family (or dare I even say your best friend) could be the thing holding you back from having a life and body you adore.
  • How to stop the overwhelm, stay focused and feel ridiculously productive with my best productivity tips (saying goodbye to your 3pm chocolate bar pick-me-up).
  • The crazy-easy habit you need to lose weight without counting calories or stepping foot on a treadmill.
  • Why having a job you hate is keeping you stuck and the three things every woman needs to have fun at work (even if you currently hate your job).
  • Finding your spirituality style and how to use it to shrink your waistline.

Body Fuel Class

You can exercise your heart out, but if you aren’t putting quality foods into your body, and *eating them correctly* you won’t lose a pound.

Lasting results happen at the kitchen table, not the gym, and it's not always about WHAT you are eating but HOW you are eating. If you are constantly stressed or multitasking while eating you will never lose weight. In this class  Learn how to keep enjoying the foods you love, and learn to embrace new, healthy foods that your body will be craving forever!

What you'll learn...

  • My single, most effective eating tip so you don’t gain weight from eating something as healthy as an apple.
  • 3-weeks of mouth-watering meals and snacks to keep you energized, alert and focused.
  • Cleansing green smoothie recipes that are carefully crafted to detoxify your body and give you that gorgeous glow.
  • Tools on how to eat for YOUR body. When you learn how to listen to your body and figure out what foods work best for it you have a tool to sustain weight loss for life.
  • The best foods for weight loss, plus the common mistakes women make when choosing their food, which makes it impossible for them to shed weight.
  • The must-knows for cooking: how to make it easy, and tips for making it fun.
  • How to make grocery shopping quick, easy and fun. Plus “done for you” shopping lists and strategies for fitting it into your schedule and bank account.

Movement Class

The reason why moving your body on a regular is so tough is because you've been taught that you have to PUSH HARD, SWEAT, and SCREAM to lose weight. Why would we want to do that all the time? Sounds terrible to me. Hear this -- It's a lie!

Together we will design a movement plan that makes you feel *good* about moving every day, and we'll create it in a way that fits your schedule, your life, and you body so it's easy to implement. Soon you'll love moving your body – and not dread it.

What you'll learn...

  • A step-by-step guide on how to create a movement plan that feels easy to follow through on (and still gets you killer results).
  • A process to discovering what ways of moving you actually enjoy (so it becomes effortless).
  • Why hard-core workouts and going to the gym could actually keep the weight on.
  • Why having zero willpower to workout could be the best thing that’s ever happened to you, and the simple mindset shift that will guarantee you never feel like a failure again.
  • The 3-step plan for being one of those women who “looks forward to working out.” Yes, this is possible for you, and it’s not as hard as you think.
  • 12 Wildly Alive Workouts (infused with lots of fun in every video), 2 stretch videos, 1 printable Stretch-On-The-Go PDF (to promote relaxation and injury prevention) and 2 cardio mp3’s to motivate you to move when you’re feeling sluggish.


"It's been more than two years since I first started working with Nichole and I have managed to keep the 65 lbs I lost with her off for more than a year with the tools and inspiration that she supplied me. She has truly changed my life!" - Katie


And you'll also get...

Personalized coaching from me (Nichole)! Every week in the course we will get on the phone as a group and you have the opportunity to get laser coaching on what you’re specifically struggling with. Women have the most incredible breakthroughs on these calls, both in getting personal support, and in listening to the other women get coached.

And if you don’t feel comfortable talking in a group environment there are 1:1 coaching packages available (see program options below).


Access to the Wildly Alive Facebook Sisterhood where you’ll find support, motivation and connection 24/7. This is by far the most supportive group you’ve ever been a part of. 

You can’t do this alone. The women inside the Wildly Alive Weight Loss sisterhood are some of the smartest, wisest and supportive people I’ve ever met. Women who have found lifelong friendships in each other, and who I am honored to call my clients.

Not on Facebook? No problem. We will personally help you set up a private profile, and if you are wanting to maintain some online anonymity, we can show you how to set up your profile so only the women in the sisterhood can chat with you, and no one from the outside world can see it.


Weekly email check-ins to keep you accountable and make sure that you follow through.

If you knew that you had to check in with someone who was going to ask you how your goals were coming along, do you think you'd be more likely to do them? The answer is YES. This is why working with a coach is so valuable! It’s easy to tuck and hide away with other programs, but not this one. I have my eye on you sister, and you'll get weekly emails from me to make sure you're on track.

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 9.09.45 PM


Wildly Alive Workout videos that get you excited about movement by getting you to move your body in ways you've never imagined. We’ll dance, move, stretch and laugh together... All in the convenience of your own home.

One things that really bugs me about most workout programs out there is they are SO BORING. We have *fun* in these videos, so much fun the 30 minutes will fly by!



An accountability partner throughout the entire 12 weeks. As a part of the program, I’ll encourage you to connect with a fellow sister who will be your accountability partner, supporting you along your journey. Connecting with a “Supportive Sister” provides you with someone to connect with and walk beside every step of the way.

Sisters who are in the same area have personally met up and found lasting friendships.

This program is designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule:

Here’s how the program works:

Each week three audio trainings (aka classes)  will be released to you that you can download or stream on your computer, smartphone or tablet.  

The perfect time to dive into each week’s content is – when it’s most convenient for you! This time frame looks different for each person. Have some alone time on Thursday nights? Looking for some listening material for your morning walk? Want something to do on your lunch break?

Because this program is designed to get you out of your seat and into your life, I’ve done everything in my power to make it flexible and portable.

And the best part – this program is like nothing you’ve experienced. Meaning lasting results.

My clients love their Wildly Alive bodies -- just listen to their stories...


  • “I used food to discipline myself and reward myself. But now that has totally shifted.” - Merrliee


  • "I went from a size 14 to a size 8 and I’M LOVING IT" - JJ


  • "My energy level is up and I can chase after my one-year-old son with no problem" - Jody


  • It feels so amazing to BELIEVE in myself and know that I can do anything I put my heart into.”Kadi


  • “As I was going through a stressful situation, I realized I wasn’t reaching for chocolate or the comfort food. It gave me so much confidence.” - Stella


  • "I lost 54 lbs. and I have managed to keep my weight off for 4 years" - Katie


  • “Without realizing what was happening, I began to find myself craving vegetables, sleeping eight hours a night, feeling antsy if I missed a workout—I had changed!” - Jennifer


  • "I have lost 40 lbs. and ran my first 1/2 marathon" - Diana



screen-shot-2014-05-12-at-9-56-27-am-256x300 screen-shot-2015-01-06-at-9-37-28-am

I'm seeking women who...

  • Are open: They're willing to lead this journey with creativity and openness and understand this is an experiment. They will fall, a few times probably, but they’ll get up, learn their lesson and continue on trying something different.
  • Willing to try something new: Though it sounds scary, they are willing to let go of those old tactics that are keeping you stuck -- things like calorie counting, extreme workout regimens, and death-gripping control.
  • Want to make a difference: Deep within, they know that if they could just get this body stuff handled, it would stop holding them back from their *true* desires -- which involve service, love and making this planet an even better place to call home.
  • Crave more fun: They are willing to throw their head back, open their arms, let loose and make the best of the moment. They have a sense of humor, don't mind cursing and crave laughing until their face hurts.
  • Get creative in times of turbulence: They make things happen despite excuses and obstacles.
  • Believe that weight loss IS possible: Though things may not be where they want them, they believe that with the right tools they can figure it out.
  • Are lifelong learners: They just LOVE learning, implementing it and finding new ways to make their life even better.

I'm not seeking women who...

  • Think that losing weight will happen overnight.
  • Are not willing to stop hiding behind their endless to-do lists and on-going lists of accomplishments.
  • Like the idea of mindless meal plans or diet pills.
  • Are not ready for this deeper commitment to themselves.
  • Have a tendency to blame others or circumstances for the situation.
  • Feel like it's easier to stay where they are and are okay with settling for less.
  • Aren't open to trying a new, creative approach to weight loss.
  • Aren't willing to invest time and money in themselves.

Today, when you invest in yourself, you also invest in someone who needs support.

In 2014 Zac, my husband, and I went to Zambia, Africa to volunteer at local schools, where we were teaching English. At first it was really hard and uncomfortable, but it ended up being THE most incredible experience of my life.

The lessons I learned made me grow in ways I could've never imagined. They will be forever in my heart and I will be passing them along to my friends, family, clients and my children.

And here's what I know for sure -- EVERYTHING that has a touch of giving back in it, is magical 💞.  And because of that, 10% of the profits from this program are going back to these children, who are less fortunate than us.

This money will go towards getting them a proper education, so they have a brighter future. In many countries a lot of schools are not government funded and families have to pay to go to school... Leaving a lot of children without an education, and on the streets.

When you sign up 10% of your money goes towards a child in need through a wonderful organization, Children International. Throughout the program you'll be able to visit the profiles of children we're sponsoring and even send them inspirational letters and cards if you'd like.

Here's a letter we recently got from Harrison, a sponsored child:

Currently, we are sponsoring 7 children from all over the world helping them out of poverty through health, education, empowerment and employment. I would love to watch that number grow because of you.


Your Investment

Two Different Packages To Fit Every Budget Level

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It would be my honor to get you results like these!

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Are you ready to create a life that makes you feels so damn good that your pint of Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia sounds BORING?

13599806_10100691039154513_7000721752081830102_nLook, I know you have already spent a ton of money on other weight loss programs and diets.

But I promise, the Wildly Alive Weight Loss isn't your typical program - nowhere near it, actually. This program is designed to "rewire" your dieting mentality so you feel confident around food (not crazy) and realize your body is your most trusted teammate (not the enemy).

And I guarantee you will be blown away by the amount of 1:1 direction, love and attention you get directly from me (you won't get that with those diets).

I put my butt on the line for my clients because I want the best for them, and if they fail, so do I (and failing ain't my thang).

My entire goal as your weight loss coach is to make sure you never have to hire someone like me again. I give you all my best tools so you can go off on your own knowing full-hearted that you will never gain the weight back - EVER!

I know it may seem easier to stay where you are, trying to "figure it out on your own." The truth is, you don't have to do this on your own, being stuck in the endless cycle of trying and failing. All your Wildly Alive Sisters and I are here to help. We're right on the other side of these doors.

It would be my honor.
Nichole ❤️

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Meet some of the women that have found success through this unique weight loss approach.


Screen shot 2013-12-19 at 9.36.31 AM



JJ Moss

Catalina Alcaraz-Guzman

"Within my culture (the latino culture) having a connection with your body is highly celebrated. It was something I was taught as a young woman, but as I've gone after my dream job and becoming a mother, I've lost all of that."

... meet Catalina




JJ Moss

"I don’t know where I would be or what I would look like if it wasn't for Nichole... I get emotional just thinking about it. I was on a path of destruction with lots beer and junk food..."

... meet JJ




Merrilee McCoy

"I joined Wildly Alive Weight Loss to address the emotional connection I had with food. I used food to discipline myself and reward myself. But, now that has totally shifted."

... meet Merrilee



Leona Martin

"In the past I would constantly beat myself up for not being "perfect" when trying to lose weight... but not any more. I feel good whenever I make a good choice and I even feel good if I make a bad choice. I don't let the slip ups stop me anymore."

... meet Leona


"As a woman I had a tendency to be a giver. I’ve got my children to look after, making sure they’re okay... And suddenly focusing on myself and receiving step-by-step instructions on how to do that was so enlightening." ... meet Viv

Feel inspired, meet these ladies, and see PROOF this CAN happen for you -- all before & afters on this page 

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