I’m laughing WITH you – [Wildly Alive Challenge August Wk 1 ]

Challenge: Laugh at yourself!

The reason why we turn to sweet and salty foods isn’t because we’re severe food addicts. It’s because we’re taking life too seriously, and not having enough fun. Play with me here (pun totally intended)!

This month we’re focusing on having more fun. Yep. F-U-N, baby. Each week your Wildly Alive Challenge will bring more fun into your life.

This week your challenge is simple. When you slip up, say the wrong thing, or take a wrong turn, laugh at yourself! Stop letting Helga take it so personally. No one is perfect. Just laugh and move on.

Post a picture of you completing this challenge under this post, and be entered to win a free self-care prize!


Don’t just read this and forget! Stay connected, so you’ll take action, and actually lose weight.

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  • Topic: F-U-N, baby! How to have more of it. How fun translates to lasting weight loss. (I’ll share a story when Helga was sooo close to pulling me down for making a big time mistake, BUT I laughed instead and IT WORKED).
  • When:Wednesday, August 30th at 5:30pm PST/8:30 EST
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Losing Weight by Having More Fun Works👇

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