Doing everything right & STILL not losing weight? (why am i not losing weight)

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(transcript of video)


Today we’re doin’ an Q & A segment; where I am answering your questions. Today’s question comes from Sally, and Sally writes.


Dear Nichole, I am having such a hard time. I’m exercising consistently. I’m eating healthy, every 3-4 hours like you suggest. I am drinking my water… and I am still not losing weight. Help, Sally.


Alright, Sally you are not alone in this one, which is why I decided to answer this question. It is totally understandable why you are frustrated right now wondering – “Why I am not losing weight if I’m doing these things correctly? WHY am I not losing weight?”


Well, here’s my question for you Sal. Where is your attitude? Are you having a restrictive, resentful or depriving type of mindset? What I really want you to start to investigate and what I really want you to start tweaking is your attitude.

Start recognizing if you’re actually making this process fun.


The truth is, you could be exercising till you are blue in the face AND eating right, but  if somewhere deep inside you’re feeling resentful or angry you actually resisting it and you are keeping your body holding on to the weight, merely by your thoughts.


So here’s what I want you to do, I want you to go into your nutrition with a very intuitive approach; meaning really listening to your body. Tune in.


What does she want to eat? Not by any meal plan that you created or you have gotten from somewhere. What does SHE want?


Quiet Helga down… Your body well let you know what she wants. And you’re gonna be pleasantly surprised how you open up the doors to eat anything you want. You actually want healthy foods.


Second thing I want you to try is the same thing but with exercise – a very intuitive approach. Instead of you going off some regimen, I want you to listen to your body. What does your body want in that moment?


I know that if I’m feeling anxious, then I’ll do some yoga or go walk around with the dogs and really just notice the environment and breathe. And yeah it’s a walk, it’s not super intense but it’s what my body needed and that’s more beneficial than powering through some crazy workout that’s actually going to cause more stress in my system.


Or if I have super high energy, then I will do like strength training routine or a class or something like that.


So really look at this as a healing process with your body and food.


So I hope you got a lot of that Sally I would love to hear from you. If you have a question for me, I would love to answer them for you. Just send over an email to [email protected] and I’ll create one of these videos just for you.

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