Yeah, yeah, yeah it's the holidays and this is the time you may usually "throw in the towel" and just wait until January to "be good." Well I'm telling you right now sister, that way of thinking will only leave you stuck, saying the very same thing a year from now. Read this to break this habit forever!

How to release weight before 2017

Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s the holidays, and this may be the time you “throw in the towel” and just wait until January to “be good.” Well I’m telling you right now sister, that way of thinking will only leave you stuck, saying the very same thing a year from now. Continue reading to break this habit forever! First…

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*WATCH THIS BEFORE THANKSGIVING* I don't know about you but holiday parties used to seriously stress me out. Even thinking about the holidays made me run to sugar with anxiety. Can you relate? In this free coaching call, I'm giving you my three best tips to keep your cool, so you don't bury your face in the pumpkin pie. 😁

Watch this before those holiday parties!

Remember how last week I was freaking out a bit because it’s been so warm — it hadn’t even snowed here in the mountains. Well, good news! It’s snowing as I’m writing this. WHEW! I’m so excited to ski. Have you ever skied before? Though I was raised in Colorado (where there’s some of the…

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Emotions are what makes life worth living, they color our days and without them life would be flat out boring... But so often we suppress the intense ones with food. Today, I want to talk about how not to run anymore, so food can be a tool for nourishment instead of avoidance.

How to handle highly emotional situations without food

I don’t know how the weather is where you live, but here it’s freakishly warm. If you didn’t know, I live in Vail, Colorado where there’s some of the best ski mountains in the world and it hasn’t even snowed yet! I mean it’s nice don’t get me wrong. I’m enjoying all the extra walks and hikes, but…

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"AHHH the Halloween candy! I can't control myself around it at night - HELP!" Sound familiar? Listen in and learn how to not eat the 5 pound bag in a night (I'm not going to tell you to just get it out of the house). I'm going deep, as always so you don't have to worry about this every year.

How to stop eating sugar at night

Hello Livelies, I just wanted to thank you again for the outpour of love I got from the ‘Pay What You Can Week’ that I offered last week in light of my birthday. I’m still blown away by how many of you not only signed up for one of the offerings, but also reached out…

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Pain pushes until vision pulls – create a strong vision to end the weight loss struggle

Gosh I have felt so renewed the last few weeks, it’s been pretty awesome. I have truly and honestly been feeling more Wildly Alive than ever (not just trying to feel that way).I even made this little slide show of all the Wildly Alive fun I’ve been having the last few weeks. Yeah, the majority of this year was…

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In 2011 I got $30,000 in debt from a business program I joined, and it got me nowhere but in debt and angry. Today, I pass down the biggest lesson I learned from this experience and how this lesson could help YOU from gaining the weight back. Listen in.

Why your intention behind weight loss means everything

We did it! We had our first Wildly Alive Wednesday Coaching Call and it was awe-some. It felt so dang good connecting with you ladies that way, and I have a feeling you are really going to like this style of delivering the Wildly Alive message. Thank you everyone who showed up live — it really meant a…

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Apology and ready to live again!

I’m here with an apology. I haven’t been myself lately and it might have come off wrong. Let me explain. 2015 was one of the most incredible years of my life. I married my best friend, business was the most successful it had ever been, we bought our dream home and we got pregnant. WHOA.…

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The other day I went to my favorite ice cream joint and overheard a mother encouraging her daughter to choose the fat-free sorbet bar, while her brother was pigging out on Cookies and Cream ice cream smothered in chocolate sauce. I was so overwhelmed with emotion I had to talk about it...

To the girl at the ice cream parlor eating a fat-free bar

The other day while I was at my favorite ice cream parlor, a mother, son and daughter walked in. As I was sitting there enjoying my Sweet Cream (with almonds + banana slices) I overheard the mother say behind me, “Chocolate chips and sprinkles Julie? Why don’t you just have one of these bars?” I…

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Money​ and your body image go hand-in-hand. ​Or as​ some money coaches put it, the state of ​your​ net worth is a direct reflection of ​your​ self-worth. ​I know this isn't easy to read. To say, "I feel ya" is an understatement... Read today's post for some practical (shame-free) tips to shift this for good.

Three simple questions to stay aligned with your spending

Money and your body image go hand-in-hand, or as some money coaches put it, the state of your net worth is a direct reflection of your self-worth. I know this isn’t easy to read. To say “I feel ya” is an understatement. Having $30,000 of credit card debt was one of the hardest times of my life…. And if I’m totally honest, my…

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Have you ever gotten off Facebook and felt sick to your stomach? Yep, me too. In today's post, we're talking all about this nasty "hangover" you inflict on yourself (if you are aware of it or not).

Comparison hangover

A few weeks ago, my husband Zac was looking through all of his Facebook profile pictures and this one popped up. (Side note: I know it’s weird he posted this as his profile picture, but he loved how dorky I looked in those boots I was wearing on a whitewater rafting trip.) The instant I…

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