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Introducing The Free 21 Day Get Moving Challenge

The 21 Day Get Moving Challenge is a unique and fun challenge that gets you off your butt and back into your life! Tap into an incredible source of energy you never knew you had. Over these 21 days, movement becomes inspiring and enjoyable. And believe it or not you'll start to find love and compassion for your body.

Everyday you will get small, easy-to-implement “Get Moving and Wildly Alive Challenge” to get you out of your head and into your body so you can feel ALIVE again.

No need to plan or prepare; this was designed to work seamlessly into your life. Just sign up and you’re set to roll.

Hosted by yours truly, Nichole Kellerman Wurth (Weight Loss Coach)
Founder and creator of


Here's What You'll Get For Free

  • Daily Motivation

    A daily email (that you can read in under 30 seconds) giving you your “Get Moving and Wildly Alive Challenge” for that day. This will get you out of the ‘same’ol same’ol,’ moving your body in new ways and out LIVING your life. It will also include a ‘Loving Swift Kick’ from Nichole to ensure so you actually follow through. Everyone likes a little tough love 🙂

  • FUN Workouts

    You’ll get a variety of workouts that are designed so you actually *enjoy* them (no dreading movement in this challenge!). These include Wildly Alive Workout Videos that you can do ANYWHERE, that are anything BUT boring. Plus, all videos are under 20 minutes — you’re busy, I get it!

  • A Kick Ass Sisterhood

    You’ll be a part of an online support forum (that we call a sisterhood) for ultimate motivation and fun. Surrounding yourself with good hearted women who have a great sense of humor and love to laugh makes motivation come effortlessly. You’ll WANT to workout hanging with these ladies.

Women Love This Challenge

I can't say enough good things.

If you want to live a full and happy with Nichole, who is extremely knowledgeable, passionate & professional about losing weight. She's "been there done that" and through her own struggles she has learned a method of weight loss that works. If you want to be at your with this young, forward-thinking leader NOW before she becomes global and doesn't have the time for this individual attention. NOW is the time for you to be happy because...YOU DESERVE IT!


I am accomplishing things I never thought was possible

I was already trying to eat better before the program, but the exercise was sporadic at best; I was very depressed and full of negative thoughts, like I couldn't do anything about it, nothing was ever going to change...Within the first week I started feeling better about myself. And I am now accomplishing things I never thought possible! If someone was on the fence about working with Nichole I'd tell them - do it! The motivational and emotional piece of this program is priceless! I love you Nichole! You are God sent!


My confidence and positive attitude returned and I started to truly enjoy my life and everyone in it.

After starting the 21 day program and watching the 3 secrets from the weight loss success kit, I immediately felt happier. Within a week I felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I was so excited to discover that I had the power all along to do this. My confidence and positive attitude returned and I started to truly enjoy my life and everyone in it. If you are contemplating, just DO IT! You have everything to gain: confidence, happiness, and the tools you need to lose weight and keep it off.


I am craving healthier food and am sleeping better

Before the challenge I was frustrated with myself ... I got irritated and would either go all out and overwork or overdo stuff. I lacked motivation. As the program progressed my mood lifted, I was happier. I was waking up earlier and managing to fall asleep. I was craving more healthy food, I wanted to succeed and be a lasting success! If you are on the fence, you just have to give it a go! Nichole motivates you daily and also the other women participating ... You can tell Nichole is passionate about her job and truly wants to help others 🙂


Get Off Your Booty and Start Having Fun!

You've got nothing to lose but a crummy attitude (if you're suffering from one), and a few pounds, and so much to gain! Like laughter until your face hurts, deep connection with our sisterhood, and feeling proud of your body. Stop taking life so seriously and start having fun. Plus, it's free -- why not?!?