Want to lose weight Wildly Alive style? Take the quiz & learn exactly how. WARNING: This is like nothing you’ve seen before & must be open to it.

What you’ll get by taking this 3 minute quiz:

  • Which Wildly Alive woman you are.
  • What your Wildly Alive strength is.
  • How you’re sabotaging yourself (which we learn from your answers).
  • A step-by-step Wildly Alive plan on how to take your strength & use it towards weight loss (making it easy & enjoyable).
Yes! I want to learn all that

“Without realizing what was happening, I began to find myself craving vegetables, sleeping eight hours a night, feeling antsy if I missed a workout—I had changed!”

”Jen” ””

“I have spent most of my life numbing, tuning out, hiding away from myself and keeping other people from getting to close, so they wouldn’t be able to hurt me. I knew what I was doing before just was not working, but didn’t know HOW to do things differently. Now I do.”

”Gillian” ””

“My favorite part of WAWL is that I am learning to love myself. I am learning to use experiences, as well as food, to nourish myself and to take good care of this amazing body I am now so grateful for.”

”June” ””

WARNING: You may have to say goodbye to someone (OLD YOU) which may hurt a little in the beginning BUT will leave space for the NEW YOU who is ready to emerge! I LOVE the real me (and I’m 20lbs lighter too).”

”Mary” ””